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No other capital in Europe has more charm or a richer past than Vienna, the capital of Austria. Green woods, mountains, and the mighty Danube River give the city beautiful surroundings.

Vienna is a big city. Almost one-fourth of all the people of Austria live there. Vienna is sometimes called “a city without a country”: it is so big that it does not seem to belong to so small a country as Austria.

To understand Vienna, one must know that it was once the capita of the large country of Austria-Hungary. It was a great centre of trade. Two main highways had met there from very early times. One was the east-west trade route of the Danube River. The other was an old road leading from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic.

Vienna was a centre of science and art too. Many great composers lived there: Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, and Mahler. It had the name of being a very merry city, partly because of the dance music and operettas written by Viennese composers. The Beautiful Blue Danube, one of the most famous of all waltzes, was written by Johann Strauss in Vienna.

World Wars made Vienna’s lot difficult, but the city soon regained its former greatness.