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The birds we raise to supply us with food are called poultry. Chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese are poultry. Chickens are most popular. They supply a great deal of meat and almost all our eggs. Not many people eat eggs of any other kind. Turkeys are larger than chickens and second in popularity.

When white settlers first arrived in America, they found a lot of wild turkeys. Wild turkeys were new to them, for the turkey is truly an American bird.

Indians brought wild turkeys to the first Thanksgiving Day feast. Today many people think that turkey is a must for Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, turkeys eaten today are not wild. Turkeys now come from turkey farms. The Bronze turkey is one of the largest kinds, and is the most popular. Its ancestor was the wild turkey of Mexico. The Indians of Mexico had already tamed this turkey when Columbus discovered America.

Raising turkeys is not easy. Baby turkeys are often killed by dampness, cold, or over-crowding. They must be kept clean and have just the right food. One surprising rule for keeping little turkeys healthy is that they must be kept away from chickens.