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Tree Surgery

When we are hurt, we call a doctor. If an operation is needed, we are directed to a special kind of doctor, called a surgeon. Since most of tree injuries call for some operation on the trees, tree doctors are called tree surgeons. Tree surgery was almost unknown until 1880, when John Davey established a landscape gardening business in Ohio.

Trees may be injured in many ways. Ice storms and strong winds may break off some of their branches. Lightning may strike them, and fire may do them damage. People may trim them badly. The
bark of the tree is its protection. If it is taken away in places, bacteria may get into the wounds and cause decay. Insects may get in and begin boring into the wood. If nothing is done to help the tree, it may soon die.

The tree surgeon cleans out the decayed wood. He paints the walls of the cavity with something that will protect it from further damage. If the cavity is big, he may fill it with cement or some other material. His work is somewhat like the work a dentist does in filling a tooth. The tree surgeon may have to build a brace inside a very big cavity. He may have to saw off some branches as well.