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The tiger is one of the biggest of the big cats. No other animal in the cat family, except the lion, is as large. Many people think that tiger is even stronger than the lion. There are records of a few fights between a lion and a tiger. In each of these fights the tiger won.

Tigers are found wild only in Asia and nearby islands. Most tigers are found in the jungles in the south, but some tigers live in Siberia. The tigers of the north have longer, thicker hair. All tigers are striped. Their stripes help them hide as they lie quietly in tall grass or among small trees.

Like all other cats, tigers are meat eaters. They eat chiefly deer, antelope, and monkeys. But some eat human beings. As a rule, unless other food is scarce, tigers do not eat people. Some tigers, however, become man eaters when they get old.

Tigers are common animals in zoos in all parts of the world. Tigers stand captivity well. The tiger in the zoo is a real aristocrat. It does not perform tricks to attract attention as monkeys do. A tiger does not beg for food like bears and elephants. And it does not stand looking stupid like a hippopotamus!