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Things Do Happen

Peter Smith works as a builder. Once he was repairing the roof of the old house. When he finished his job he climbed down the roof to his ladder. But he slipped, his foot kicked the ladder and it fell down.

The house was near the road. There were a lot of people walking along the road. A girl looked up at the house. Peter stood up, shouted and waved to the girl. But she turned away and walked quickly down the street. Then he saw some children running. Peter shouted and waved. The children stopped, waved back and went away. Peter was shouting and waving for about an hour. Some people smiled and waved back but nobody came to help him.

It started raining. Peter was wet, cold and tired. Suddenly he had an idea. He shouted, “I’ll jump and kill myself!”

Ten minutes later there was a fire engine, a police car, and an ambulance near the house. A fireman climbed up the ladder of the fire engine asking Peter to calm down. Peter climbed down the ladder and explained everything to the fireman. Neither the fireman nor Peter found the situation funny, but Peter’s friends laughed a lot at the story.