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The True History of an Ice Cream Cone

Do you know that when you eat an ice cream cone you are eating a dish?

Ice cream cones were first made in 1904 at a fair in St. Louis, Missouri. They were made because the ice cream man ran out of dishes. The two men at the ice cream stand could not keep up with the crowd. They took the money in one hand and dirty dishes in the other. They tried to wash and dry the dishes faster and faster. Then they hurried to fill them with ice cream, but in vain: crowds of people were standing in the queue and got angry, as they didn’t have all day. Ernest Hamwi was a pastry maker at the fair. His stand was near the ice cream stand. He saw crowds of people and wanted to help. Suddenly he had an idea how to make a dish that doesn’t have to be washed. He put some batter on a small waffle iron. When the pastry was cooked, Ernest rolled it up making a cone.

Taking the cooled cone Ernest ran to the ice cream stand and asked the man to fill it with the ice cream. He explained that it was a dish to be eaten. People tried it and liked it very much. Ernest Hamwi’s cones became popular almost overnight.

Now cones are sold all over the world. People of all ages like them.