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The Eiffel Tower

In 1889 Paris hosted a world’s fair. One of the buildings erected for it was a high tower designed by Alexander Eiffel. After the fair it remained one of the sights of the city.

Up to now, opinions differ as to its beauty. Some of the people of Paris think that the tower should be torn down, as it is not beautiful. Some others believe that since it is famous all over the world as one of the main tourist attractions, the tower should be left standing for many years more. Millions of people think like this and visit the Eiffel Tower every year.

The tower is 984 feet tall. When it was built, it was taller than any other building in the world, but now there are by far taller skyscrapers in New York and other cities. Eiffel Tower has three “floors” and a balcony near the top. From the balcony one can have a panoramic view of Paris. When visitors climb to the balcony, some get seasick because the tower sways in the wind.

The tower is made of iron, so it must be painted to keep from rusting. It seems that the painters are always at work on it. The Eiffel tower has proved useful not only for sightseeing. It has been used as a weather station and for radio and television transmission.