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Sweat and Ear

Are you wasting money on deodorant? The answer can be found in your ears.

There is one human trait known to be dictated by a single gene: earwax type. Most Europeans have wet earwax. This gene also holds the code for building the protein that transports sweat out of pores in our armpits, where it attracts the bacteria that cause body odour. The lucky “dry earwax” people don’t produce the protein. But research shows that more than three-quarters of those with the rare, non-smelly genotype still wore deodorant.

Deodorant use is probably encouraged by parents, so it could become a habit before a child notices they don’t smell.

A deodorant usually includes aluminium derivatives and alcohol, as well as the perfume which produces the distinctive aroma. Alcohol and the aluminium derivatives, which block the pores, can cause skin irritation in some people. Even if you don’t suffer from allergic reactions, avoiding putting these on your skin is unlikely to be a bad idea. And that’s before the cost has been considered. It’s easy to find out: a quick look in your ears to check your earwax type will tell you whether you’ve been spraying your money away unnecessarily!