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In many parts of the world, primitive tribes try to bring rain by using a bullroarer. A bullroarer is a flat piece of wood with a hole in one end through which a string is attached. The rainmaker holds one end of the string and moves the bullroarer round his head. As it moves round, the bullroarer makes a noise like the sound of the wind. The natives think that this will attract the attention of the rain god, and cause him to send rain.

Among many tribes the bullroarer is a sacred object. Boys are not permitted to see it until they reach manhood. The women of the tribe are never allowed to see it. Once a woman saw it by accident, and was immediately put to death.

Another interesting method of rainmaking is by doing things “the wrong way round”. An Indian may make his wife do things which he himself usually does, or may work in the field at night instead of during the day. The purpose of doing things in the “wrong way” is to draw the attention of the gods to the suffering of the people from lack of rain.

There is also a special fire dance in which primitive people call upon the rain god to help them. The smoke represents clouds which will bring rain to the thirsty earth.