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Permanent Present Tense

Henry Molaison was born in 1926, in Connecticut. At around the age of 10, he started having blackouts, losing contact with the world for a few seconds and then tuning in again as if nothing had happened. He eventually finished high school at the age of 21, and got a job at
a local factory.

It was not much of a life, but by chance, Molaison’s case attracted the attention of a dynamic young physician at the local hospital. In 1953, he performed an operation on his 27-year-old patient, going deep into both sides of his brain. Molaison woke from the operation talking normally, and his fits had gone away, but he no longer had any idea what he had just eaten, who he had been talking to, or what anyone had said. He would tell the same story over and over, without noticing that he was repeating himself.

For many years, he was looked after by his mother. Then he was taken in by a family friend, and at last, he was moved into a care home. He existed in a permanent present tense, but he had realized his disability, and even had a capacity to make jokes about it: “Some things are better not remembered…”