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My Friend

My friendship with Nora became stronger during our last years in high school.

I often wonder how we rapidly grew so close in our friendship. We were totally different. Nora was born into a prosperous family. Her parents’ house was very large. She had attractive clothes, theatre tickets, trips to mountain camps. My people had no money. Our flat was tiny. I often skipped lunch and had two skirts in my wardrobe. I was shy and dull. But bathing in Nora’s glory, I became well-known because Nora included me in all her plans. When she was the social chairman, I was on her committee; when she was the captain of the basketball team, I was a player. Binding us together were our mutual interests. We liked the same books (Vanity Fair) the same sports (swimming and hockey), and the same teacher, Miss Peterson.

Nora’s affection always prompted her to see the best in me and to encourage me. She was a true friend, ever willing to praise me, help me, or bring me some award and recognition. Emerson was right to say that a real friend is the “masterpiece of Nature”.