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Mohandas Gandhi

Mohandas Gandhi, commonly known as Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi, was born in 1869 in India into the family of a politician. His grandfather and father each had served as prime minister of an Indian state.

At the age of thirteen Gandhi was married to a girl of the same age. At nineteen he left his wife and a son and went to England to study law. Three years later he came back and passed the bar examination. Mohandas Gandhi was so shy that he was afraid to speak in public and turned out to be not a very good lawyer.

In 1893 Gandhi was sent to South Africa as a lawyer to an Indian business firm. There he was shocked at the treatment of other Indians. Gradually he became a fighter for civil rights, a good lawyer and an ardent public speaker. Gandhi believed in the ideas of nonresistance and civil disobedience. He followed Leo Tolstoy’s teaching. His fight at last ended in a success: discrimination of Indians in South Africa ended.

In 1915 Gandhi returned to India where he fought for its independence. After a lot of years of hard work and several terms of imprisonment, Gandhi at last saw India freed from British rule. It happened in 1947, and a year later Mohandas Gandhi was killed. А number of other leaders, Martin Luther King from the USA among them, followed his ideas.