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Mary is a Nurse

My cousin Mary is a nurse at St. Paul’s Hospital. She has been in training since last September. She is a short blond girl with large grey eyes and lots of pep.

Last evening when she came to our house for dinner I had a chance to ask her some questions. Mary has always wanted to be a nurse. When at school she dreamed of helping sick people become healthy. Now Mary finds the work interesting but the hours are very long. Every day she is on duty in the hospital from eight to twelve. She bathes the patients, brings them medicine, answers their rings, and tries to be cheerful with everyone. “If you lose your temper easily, don’t be a nurse”, Mary says. She likes people even when they are difficult to manage.

In the afternoon Mary has a few hours off. Then four days a week she attends classes given by doctors and graduate nurses. Classes start at three. She is taking such courses as first aid, chemistry, anatomy, and pharmacology. “I’m weak in chemistry,” says Mary. “I never could do it in high school. But I’m good at first aid work, and I have always liked anatomy”.

I am sure Mary will make a good nurse.