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Leaning Tower оf Pisa

A lot of people know nothing about the Italian city of Pisa except that the Leaning Tower is there. The Leaning Tower is a bell tower. It is a beautiful building made of white marble, and its many slender columns give it a lacy look. But the Tower is famous not so much for its beauty as for the fact that it looks as if it were to fall over. It has, however, stood for about a thousand years.

The Tower took 174 years to build. It began to lean long before it was finished. The foundation was not built on firm enough ground. But the builders went on adding storey after storey until it was about as tall as a 15-storey building. After being finished, it had leane a little more as the years had gone by.

In the middle of the 20th century the foundations were strengthened, and it is not expected to lean any further. If it does not lean further, there is no danger that it will fall down. The centre of weight — scientists call it the centre of gravity — is still above the base of the

The Leaning Tower made a name for itself in one more way. The famous scientist Galileo performed one of his most well-known experiments from it.