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Johann Gutenberg

One of the most famous books in the world is the Gutenberg Bible. Nearly one million dollars has been paid for a single copy of it. It gets its name because Johann Gutenberg is supposed to have printed it. But probably an early printer named Schoeffer printed it instead.

Gutenberg is often called the inventor of printing. Most people, when they talk about the invention of printing, mean printing with separate, type letters. But Gutenberg probably did not invent printing of this kind. The Chinese are believed to have printed from clay letters long before. Nothing, however, came of their invention. Printing was invented all over again in Europe. No one is sure who invented it. Probably the inventor kept it in secret because he wanted buyers to think that his books had been done by hand.

But even if Gutenberg did not print the Gutenberg Bible (as some scholars think) or invent printing, he deserves his fame. He invented a way of casting the metal letters to be used. He used brass molds to make very beautiful and usable type. He took the ideas of others and worked out improvements that helped greatly in making printing what it is today.