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Intelligence Quotient

Some people are able to understand quickly and remember for a long time what they hear, see, and read. They are able to use facts and ideas in a skillful way. When they meet a problem, they are able to think of how to solve it. These people are said to be very intelligent.

Scientists have found how well the average person thinks and acts at each age. They have learned what to expect of a two-year-old, three-year-old, and so on. They have worked out tests to show how well a person can do what is expected of them. The tests may show that a ten-year-old can do what is expected of a fourteen-year-old. He then is very intelligent. His IQ, or intelligence quotient, is 140. If he can do just what is expected of a ten-year-old, his IQ is 100. If he
does only what is expected of an eight-year-old, his IQ is 80.

So the first step in finding a person’s IQ is to find out his mental age by giving him an intelligence test. His mental age is next multiplied by 100. The result is then divided by his actual age.

Some IQ test results may be surprising. The IQ of some film stars, for example, Sharon Stone, is very high. George Bush had the lowest IQ among all Presidents of the time.