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Homes We Live In

Homes look so different from one place to another. Yet three factors usually decide the kind of a house we will have. They are: climate, available materials, and lifestyle.

People build homes to protect themselves from bad weather and to enjoy good weather. In very wet countries like Thailand, they build houses high off the ground to protect them from floods. In very hot climates, as in the deserts of Australia, or in very cold climates, as in the Arctic, people sometimes live underground. If the weather is mild, as in Spain, homes often have open yards. In Iran they build houses with thick walls to keep people warm in winter and cool in summer.

Houses are built from materials that are easily available. In hot, dry places people often use mud because wood is hard to find. The Eskimos often live in houses made of snow when they go hunting.

People’s lifestyles can be seen in the type of housing they have. The Bedouins of Africa and the Middle East don’t think of home as a permanent place. They live in tents which they can carry whenever they want. In Indonesia they build “longhouses” where all relatives can live together.

So homes are a key to the culture and way of life of a people.