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Gods and Goddesses

As people in the modern world, the ancient Romans tried to explain the things they saw happening around them. But their explanations might seem strange to the modern mind. The people of ancient Rome believed that numerous gods and goddesses directed everything in the world.

For example, people fell in and out of love according to the wishes of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Wars were started and directed by Mars. The seas were ruled by Neptune, who caused great storms when he was angry. The movements of the sun were governed by Apollo, and those of the moon by goddess Diana. Not even by death did people run away from the power of gods, for the departed spirits were governed by Pluto, the god of the underworld. And ruling over all was the supreme god, Jupiter.

In fact, gods themselves were often in conflict with one another; suffered from jealousy and so on. Romans credited their gods with some human emotions.

A lot of myths were of Greek origin and were later adopted by the Romans. These myths have also found their way into the literature of many different countries.