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George Washington Carver

Millions of pounds of peanuts are raised in the southern states of the USA every year. Peanuts are good food, but much of the crop goes into salad oil, flour, cheese, shaving cream, and plastics. The southern farmers owe a great deal to George Washington Carver, the man who discovered over 300 uses for peanuts.

The baby who grew up to be the “peanut man” was born during the war of the states. His mother was a slave. His master was Mr. Carver. Once, some soldiers kidnapped the baby. To get him back, his master traded a horse for him.

After the war, although he was free, the boy stayed with his former master for several years. He enjoyed working in the gardens so much that he decided to get through school and become a botanist. He took the name of George Washington, the first American President, and Carver, his master’s family name. The boy finished college and worked at a Negro University in Alabama.

Carver did not only show farmers new uses for their crops. He taught them how to take care of their soil. For all he did he was given a lot of honours.