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Fat People: а Disease?

In deciding to label one third of Americans — fat people — as diseased, the American Medical Association went against the advice of its own experts. They also failed to include anyone from fat community in that decision.

There is a consensus among three groups of people (those who self-identify as fat, fat studies scholars and advocates of the Health at Every Size approach) that the AMA is putting profits before people. It doesn’t make people thinner or healthier in the long term, and it encourages weight discrimination.

As a result of the AMA’s decision, fat people will likely have more difficulty getting treatment unrelated to weight. Doctors already attribute most of these people’s health problems to their being fat.

The AMA doesn’t seem bothered by potentially causing an explosion of unnecessary prescriptions and surgeries among the one-third of Americans who are suddenly now ‘diseased’.

For more than two decades some health professionals have argued that a weight focus does no lasting good and much harm to physical and mental health and to fat people’s social status.