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The little plane was flying low over the railway line. Paul stood up. The wind practically knocked him off the plane. He climbed onto the wing. Paul looked down. The ground was very close.

The plane went slower. The train was moving quickly below the plane. Paul breathed in and jumped down onto the roof of the train. There was a pain in his right leg. With some difficulty he stood up as he saw a bridge in front of him.

Paul jumped up and forward. He held on tightly to the bridge. One slip and he was dead. He climbed onto the bridge and ran. His leg was bleeding. Paul ran and counted. When he counted to ten, he threw himself on the ground. There was an explosion. Some stones and dirt fell on him. Paul stood up and ran to the car.

The film director was standing near the car. He said that was the most fantastic scene in the film. Paul was feeling awful. The pain in his leg was becoming stronger and stronger. But he said he was all right. The director seemed glad. He said there was a little problem. Unfortunately, there was no film in the camera. So could Paul do it all again?