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Cooking Programmes

Since the old days, good food accompanied music, dances and other entertainment at the festive dinners, in restaurants and cafés. Nowadays, a cooking programme is viewed as a kind of entertainment by itself. Is it a good thing?

Cooking and rock’n’roll are not as synonymous as many chefs and agents want you to believe these days. Food festivals are now in fashion: Chefstock (by analogy with Woodstock), Big Feastival and others. But should chefs really perform with the Madonna-style microphone and on a big rock’n’roll platform?

Some people think that chefs need to calm down a bit. With big TV contracts comes great responsibility. It is just cooking, after all, that means. All the cooking programmes should be more about the customer and less about the chef. TV viewers are more interested in different kinds of cooking they could try at home or taste in different countries and different places. They want clear and simple recipes to follow, or more intricate recipes for a festive dinner. They usually like some information about the country where a certain exotic dish comes from. But the dish should be in focus, rather than the country or the chef himself.