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Common Сold

This is the most frequent of all illnesses. About one out of every eight people has a cold at the very moment. You can catch a cold by shaking hands with a sick person, by using the same cup or phone, or by breathing the air filled with the microbes from a sick person’s cough or sneeze. You can catch a cold if your feet get wet or if your clothes are not warm enough on a frosty day.

No medicine can ensure 100 per cent effective results. But large doses of vitamin C are effective to prevent colds, and immunological medicines are also useful when you feel the first symptoms.

If you have a cold, be sure to have enough rest and stay warm. You should also eat well and drink a lot of liquids, especially juices. Old remedies like lemon, honey and raspberry jam may be useful.

When you sneeze, or cough, or when your nose is running, try to protect other people. Cover you mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. Use paper tissues and throw them away regularly. Wash all the objects you touch with very hot water. Air the room systematically.

Follow these simple pieces of advice and you soon get better. Good luck!