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Colour-Сoded Сutlery

New research by Oxford University has made headlines on the unlikely subject of cutlery. Experimental psychologists have found that using different types of cutlery can change taste perception.

Cheese eaten off a knife, it turns out, tastes saltier than off a fork. If pink yoghurt is eaten with a blue spoon, it doesn’t taste as sweet as it does with a pink spoon. The weight of the spoon matters too: the heaviest spoons made food taste sweeter.

People get used to some kind of cutlery. Perhaps they prefer certain tactile experiences when they say, “Tea definitely tastes better in my special mug.”

In terms of practical use, the study’s leading author has said that the results, “may be used to help control eating patterns such as portion size or how much salt is added to food.” There have already been similar studies into how plate size and colour affects how much we eat (high contrast between food and plate makes diners serve themselves less). So perhaps in the future, instead of being on a conventional diet, we will simply change plate colour according to
our food.