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Climate Сhanges

Most of us know that the world is an old place and that a lot has changed in the almost 4.6 billion years of its history. Deep time is geologic time needed to understand the evolution of life, mountains, oceans, and Earth’s climate.

If you wanted to consider the climate of the whole planet you would need to consider its temperature. Without greenhouse gases the world would be a much colder and lonelier place.

All of us have felt the greenhouse effect when summer humidity is high. Even at night when the sun is gone, water vapor keeps radiating the heat. Dry desert nights are just the opposite, with
temperatures falling fast when the lights go out.

CO2 works the same way as water vapor. More CO2 radiates more heat. Full warming is not expressed overnight because the world is mostly a cold ocean that helps against immediate warming.

It is not easy to try reconstructing ancient climates and the factors that produced them, but having some sense of the past informs us in the same way as knowing the history of our grandparents helps to live now.

Deep time tells us that we are travelling forward to a world that is a warmer and different place — a greenhouse world.