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A number of people are afraid of bats. But they should not be. The only bats known to harm people are the vampire bats of South America. The many other kinds of bats are not dangerous, and some
even make good pets.

Bats fly, but they are not birds. They are mammals instead. They have fur, and they feed their babies milk. The wings of a bat are made of tough skin. The skin is stretched from the animal’s “arms” to its legs and tail.

Bats are swift and expert flyers, even in the dark. It is a kind of sonar system that helps bats fly without bumping into anything. Some bats eat fruit, but most bats live on insects. They eat mosquitoes and other harmful insects. Bats drink water by scooping it up with their tongues as they fly over it.

As a rule, bats sleep during the daytime and fly about after the sun sets. To sleep, they hang themselves upside down from tree branches or in a cave or a crack in a building.

There are many foolish beliefs about bats. “As blind as a bat” is a common saying, but bats have good eyesight. Another wrong idea is that bats carry bedbugs. No one knows where these ideas came