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A lot of people like bananas. Europeans probably first brought them from Asia. Historians say that it was Alexander the Great who first saw them in India. But on the large scale, the import of bananas to Britain began near the end of the 19th century. Nowadays they mainly come to Britain from Central America.

There is a well-known story about one English lord who liked bananas very much. Once, when he was eating a banana, a friend of his said, “Nothing tastes better than a banana right from the tree.”

The words made the lord think. It is not hot enough to grow bananas in Britain. So the lord built a special greenhouse and bought a banana plant. The house was heated day and night. The lord had to wait for the first banana for a long time, but at last! The first banana was ripe.

The cook picked up the banana, placed it on a gold plate, put a gold fork and a gold knife nearby and brought it to the lord. The lord cut a piece of banana, ate it and then threw everything to the floor.

He shouted: “Damn! It tastes like any other banana! But it is the most expensive banana in the world. It cost me about three thousand pounds!”