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A Difficult Day

Alex came home late. The day was long and hard. He was busy the whole time and missed lunch. He walked into the empty flat and switched on the light. Alex was tired and hungry.

In the kitchen the cat started meowing. It was not his. It was his friend’s. Alex did not like cats. All his life he has been a dog man. But a friend was away and Alex promised to look after the cat. For ten days only.

Alex went into the kitchen and opened the cupboard. He took out a tin of cat food, opened it and put the contents into the cat’s dish. The smell was terrible but the cat seemed to like it. It began to eat noisily and hungrily.

Alex was so tired that he did not take a bath but just a quick shower. He was afraid to fall asleep right in the bathtub. He put on a bathrobe and went to the kitchen again. Only then he remembered that he had not been to the supermarket for a week. Was there anything left in the refrigerator?

He came up to the fridge, opened the door and looked inside. А couple of old carrots, a pepper and half an onion. Not much. No meat, no sausage, no ham, no eggs. Some stale bread. Alex fried the vegetables with some pieces of bread in the olive oil. When he began to eat the cat looked at him. With some pity?