Сочинение (эссе) о спорте – 6

Parkour is a sport that is extremely popular with young people. However, traceurs (parkour practitioners) say that it is rather difficult and dangerous.

Today parkour has developed throughout the world. It is especially popular with young men who are eager for new experiences. Parkour teaches them to move quickly and efficiently and to overcome obstacles such as concrete walls, high fences, hedges or rocks. But every parkour practitioner must remember that there are a number of dangers that they need to be aware of.

Personally, I think that parkour gives you much energy and helps you develop physical fitness and coordination as well as determination, endurance, agility and courage. You can learn to trust yourself and to be strong. It’s a sport that teaches you to control your body and to move without being hindered by obstacles. To my mind, it is a natural method to develop strength, speed and power. Thanks to parkour, traceurs learn how to surmount both physical and mental obstacles.

However, parkour is a difficult discipline to train. One of its main dangers is falling. Young people usually practice in parks and abandoned structures. Of course they try to avoid injuries, but everything happens. Some reckless people who assume too much about their physical abilities and do not take full account of the risks may be seriously injured. So parkour requires cool-headedness, prudence, good self-control and the ability to be observant.

To conclude, parkour teaches young people to overcome everyday difficulties and to approach problems differently. It pushes the limits of the human body and mind. Parkour also gives you an opportunity to explore the potential offered by your body. I believe parkour can change your life and your attitude to everything.

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