Сочинение (эссе) о спорте – 3

They say, excessive exercises are detrimental to health, but some people don’t share this opinion.

In general, sport helps us to be in good shape, to become strong and to stay healthy and attractive. But can excessive exercises ruin your health?

Personally, I think that immoderate training is very harmful. Firstly, a person who exercises too much feels exhausted and depressed. He or she expands too much time and energy on doing sports. Such people feel great pressure and tend to exercise harder and harder trying to achieve better results. They stop taking breaks and lose touch with their own needs. Secondly, sportsmen often suffer different injuries which sometimes can be very serious. It usually takes them much time to recover. Finally, some professional sportsmen take a dope, a drug which serves to improve their performance. Such drugs do much harm to their health and they can even kill.

But in spite of all these dangers, many people go in for sports. Physical exercises strengthen the immune system, improve mental health and help prevent different diseases and burn calories. Exercising is also the best remedy for insomnia and stress. People who exercise regularly are productive, happy, efficient and calm. Exercise re-energizes them, improves their concentration and problem-solving.

To conclude, it is generally well-known now that there are many physical and mental health benefits that can be gained from regular exercise. But don’t forget that exercises are very useful in case they are moderate.

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