Сочинение (эссе) о спорте – 2

Some parents think that Physical Education is a very important subject to their children. Others think that PE should only be optional at school because not everyone is equally good at sport.

There have been a lot of arguments if Physical Education should be on the curriculum in most schools. Some parents consider PE to be a very important subject, while others are convinced that it is up to pupils to choose whether to attend these lessons or not.

I strongly feel that Physical Education is essential for every boy and girl. Not every child has an opportunity to go to a fitness club or a swimming pool because it costs much money. But physical exercises are important because they strengthen the immune system, improve mental health and help prevent different diseases and obesity. All children and teenagers want to be in good shape and to stay healthy.

On the other hand, quite a lot of children have problems with their health and they can’t attend PE lessons. Some boys and girls feel embarrassed when they can’t do what their classmates can. They can’t run fast, jump high or they don’t play basketball or volley-ball well. What is more, such children often feel upset or even humiliated when they get bad marks. But I think that PE lessons are useful for everybody. To my mind, children who are weaker should do some easy exercises.

Fn conclusion, I would like to say that Physical Education is an essential part of the school curriculum as well as mathematics, literature or foreign languages. Of course, not everyone is equally good at sport. But not everyone is equally good at other subjects and it is not a good reason to make them optional. Anyway, PE lessons will help children become stronger, healthier and more energetic.

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