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The teacher was very angry.
The car was moving very fast.
I like to sing very much.
She is walking to the store.
She is going to the store.
John is driving to the supermarket.
John is going to the supermarket
They are traveling to Canada next year.
They are going to Canada next year.
She will wash her dog on Monday.
She is going to wash her dog on Monday.
He is becoming mentally ill.
He is going crazy.
We walked on the sand without shoes.
We went barefoot on the sand.
The baby fell asleep.
The baby went to sleep.
He did not use his real name.
He went by a false name.
Most of her money is spent on clothes.
Most of her money goes for clothes.
Who won the football game?
How did the football game go?
Her blue blouse looks nice with her black skirt.
Her blue blouse goes well with the black skirt.
Is your new job OK?
How is your new job going?
The cookies got eaten quickly.
The cookies went fast.
This dead tree must be removed.
This dead tree has to go.
The dam can break at anytime.
The dam can go at anytime.
People in that family do whatever they want.
Anything goes in that family.
You must do what I say.
What I say goes.
I would like to have an Italian meal.
I could go for some Italian food.
I cannot agree with your plan.
I cannot go along with your plan.
He worked hard to get the new job.
He really went after the new job.
Time passes.
Time goes by.
She always follows the rules.
She always goes by the rules.
The stocks decreased in value.
The value of the stocks went down.
He is trying to win first prize.
He is going for first prize.
I don’t like fast dancing.
I don’t go in for fast dancing.
Let’s not discuss the details right now.
Let’s not go into the details right now.