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Two older women went on trial last month.
Two women in their seventies stood trial last month.
Here is their story.
Here is what happened.
They made friends with a homeless man.
They befriended a homeless man.
They helped him find a place to live.
They helped him with finding a place to live.
They gave him money for rent and food.
They contributed toward his rent and food costs.
The man considered the women to be friends.
The man looked upon the women as friends.
He wasn’t at all suspicious of them.
He didn’t harbor any suspicions about them.
The women took out several insurance policies on his life.
The women insured his life with a number of policies.
For two years they stayed close friends with him.
They were good friends to him for two years.
One night he was struck by a car that fled the scene.
One night he was run down by a hit-and-run driver.
The injuries were fatal.
He died from his injuries.
The women collected on the insurance policies.
The women got the proceeds of the insurance policies.
Because the policies were two years old, no one took particular notice.
Since the policies had been in force for two years, no eyebrows were raised.
Six years later, another man died in a similar accident.
Six years later, another man had a similar fatal accident.
The same two women collected on his life insurance policies.
The same two women were the beneficiaries of his life insurance policies.
An investigator found out about the similar accident six years before.
An investigator heard about the similar accident six years previously.
As a result of his work the women were arrested and charged with murder.
His work led to the women’s arrest on a charge of murder.
They were tried and the jury arrived at a verdict of guilty.
They stood trial and the jury found the women guilty as charged.
They will spend the rest of their lives in jail.
They will be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.