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There is no doubt that the earth is getting warmer.
It is beyond question that the earth is becoming warmer.
The reasons for this are complex.
The causes of this are complicated.
Magnetic energy and geothermal energy play a part.
Magnetic and geothermal energy figure into the equation.
The earth went through climate changes before man ever existed.
The earth underwent climatic changes before the advent of the human species.
So humans are not totally responsible for the phenomenon.
So the phenomenon cannot be totally blamed on human activity.
Nevertheless we are a major contributing factor.
All the same, our contribution to global warming is a major one.
Our use of energy increases every day.
Our consumption of energy rises daily.
People create heat pollution with their automobiles.
Automobiles play a large part in heat pollution.
In the U.S. the auto industry fights every attempt to raise mileage standards.
The auto industry in the U.S. is resistant to raising mileage standards.
Toyota has lead the way in efficient engines with the Prius.
Toyota’s Prius has been a revolutionary advance in efficient engines.
The Prius is a hybrid car with a gasoline motor and an electric motor.
The combination of a gas and electric motor makes the Prius a hybrid car.
People have become increasingly interested in all-electric cars.
The interest in an all-electric car has gained considerable ground.
A battery charge that lasts for 20 miles is enough for local streets.
A charge that’s good for 20 miles is sufficient for local travel.
Such a car can be relatively inexpensive.
A vehicle like this shouldn’t be expensive to produce.
You  can get a 400% efficiency gain using no new technology.
There is a low-tech way to get a 400% gain in fuel efficiency.
You just need four people to drive together instead of separately.
It just takes having four people driving together instead of separately.
We’re sure to be seeing all types of innovations.
We can confidently look forward to a slew of  new approaches.