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What I Like Most and Least About Myself

I was trying to think up the best and the worst things about myself.
I think the best thing about me is that I am very friendly.
I have a lot of friends, and they all like me.
I try to be good to my friends.
I don’t often have arguments with people.
I think that I am quite easy to get along with.
The worst thing about me is that I sometimes feel sad.
Sometimes I don’t feel sad for any particular reason.
I just get into moods where I am depressed.
Sometimes there is a reason to be sad.
I was sad when my pet frog died.
I was sad when I lost my favorite baseball card.
On those days, I’m still nice to my friends, but inside I feel like there is a heavy weight in my chest.
I think that everyone feels sadness sometimes.
I try to do things that make me happy whenever I get into one of my sad moods.
Last Saturday, I felt a bit sad so I called up my friend John and asked him if he wanted to go to the movies.
We went to a comedy.
We laughed all the way through the movie, so that by the time the movie was over, I didn’t feel sad anymore.
My friendliness is my best trait, and my sad moods are my worst traits.
I have to work at getting over my sad moods more quickly.
Being sad doesn’t do anyone any good.
There is no use in feeling sorry for oneself.