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The Best Teacher

I have had a lot of teachers.
Some of them were good, and some of them were boring.
There is one teacher whom I remember very well.
He is the best teacher that I ever had.
His name was Mr. Alban.
He was a history teacher.
History is not my favorite subject.
I don’t really enjoy history a lot.
When I was in Mr. Alban’s class, he made history seem exciting.
He was more of an actor than a teacher.
If he was describing a war, he would make us feel all the emotions that the soldiers and their families would have felt.
We could almost hear the guns firing and the people shouting.
He would paint a picture in our minds that was very vivid.
When I had a history test in his class, I didn’t have to study much.
I would remember every word that he had said.
I would see him doing the actions that went along with his stories.
He was very animated.
He would shout out orders as if he was a general, or he would speak softly and reverently when describing the death of a great hero.
The most important thing that I learned from Mr. Alban was that I did really like history.
I just thought that I didn’t like it because most people had made it dull by just reading from the textbooks.
History is not just a series of dates and dull facts.
History is what really happened.
History is real life.
All the historical figures had real families and emotions.
They weren’t just fictional people.
After I took history from Mr. Alban, I realized that I really did have an interest in it.
He was my favorite teacher, and I will always be grateful to him for making me aware of just how interesting history really is.