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Parties can be a lot of fun.
People get invited to parties.
You can have a party because it is a special occasion, or just because you want to have a party.
Sometimes, people wear paper hats at parties.
These are called party hats.
Some people decorate with streamers and balloons.
At some parties, there is a cake.
Sometimes, there are just snacks and drinks.
At some parties, people play games.
There are also parties where people just stand around and talk.
People wear different things to parties.
You can go to some parties in casual clothes.
At other parties, you need to be dressed up in good clothes.
There are other parties where you are supposed to wear a costume.
There are many different kinds of parties.
There are Christmas parties, birthday parties, going away parties, and parties for no reason at all.
I have been to parties for people who are retiring, or for people who have just had a new baby.
There are hundreds of reasons for having a party.
At some parties, you take a gift.
If it is a birthday party, then you take a gift and a birthday card to the person who is having the birthday.
Sometimes, people will ask you to bring food or drinks to the party.
All parties are different.
It is nice to be invited to parties.