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If my Fish Could Talk

I have a goldfish.
He swims around in his bowl all day.
He looks bored.
I look inside the bowl and watch him.
His mouth always moves.
He looks like he is talking.
I imagine what my goldfish would say if he really could talk.
I think he would say:
“Hey, I’m bored in this little bowl.
Why don’t you get me a bigger tank with more fish in it?
I would like to have some friends to swim around with.”
I went out and bought a bigger tank for my goldfish.
I put some plants at the bottom of the tank,
and I got a miniature deep-sea diver to put at the bottom of the tank.
I looked into the tank and imagined what my goldfish was saying.
He seemed to be saying:
“This is a nice tank.
It’s roomy in here, and you decorated it well,
but I still don’t have any friends to swim with.”
I went to the pet store and bought three more goldfish.
I put them into the tank.
All of the goldfish seemed to look at each other.
They swam near each other and seemed to be playing games.
I knew which one was my goldfish because he has a black spot on his fin.
I looked at him, and imagined that he was talking again.
He said:
“This is great!
I have a big new home and friends to swim with.
These are nice goldfish that you brought home for me; thank you.”
Goldfish can’t really talk.
I know that.
I just like to pretend that my goldfish talks.
He seems very happy now with his nice new home, and his new friends.
I don’t think goldfish can smile either, but it looks like my goldfish has a smile on his face.