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If I Could Go Back in My Life

If I could go back in my life and do some things differently, this is what I would do:
I would not waste so many hours in front of the television set.
I would get out and enjoy my own life, rather than watching actors in shows.
I would be a little more considerate of other people.
I would realize that my mother has more to do than pick up after me.
I would pay more attention in school.
Tests are easier when you have paid attention, rather than fooling around in class.
I would save more money rather than spend it on useless things.
I would read more.
Reading is enjoyable, and it opens the doors into all kinds of wonderful places both real and imagined.
I would learn to play an instrument.
Music is always appreciated if it is played well.
I would eat better foods.
I would try to stay healthy through my diet and exercise.
I would take more pictures, and I would keep a journal.
Memories are very precious.
I would take the time to listen to what people have to say.
People appreciate a good listener.
I would take the time to enjoy each day as it comes.
Sometimes, I am so busy looking forward to what is coming up that I don’t take the time to enjoy the day that I am living in.
That’s what I would do if I could go back in my life.
In fact, I think I’ll just make a habit of doing all of those things all through my life.
I think I would like to live to be 100.