Английские словосочетания по теме СВЕТ и ОСВЕЩЕНИЕ

Знакомимся с английскими словосочетаниями по теме “СВЕТ и ОСВЕЩЕНИЕ” в контексте.

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We use the expression “the sun is shining” to talk about the sun emitting light. If the light is so strong that it’s difficult to see, we can describe it as blinding sunlight – and if the light is not very strong, then it is weak sunlight.

When the sun sets (disappears below the horizon), everything grows dark. If there’s a full moon, then there will still be some light. But if there’s a crescent moon or a new moon, then it will be pitch dark/black (completely black) and you’ll be able to see the stars twinkling in the night sky.

To describe the strength of a light, you can use the words “bright” and “dim.” A fluorescent light bulb emits bright light, and the faint glow of a flickering candle is dim light. When light shines on an object, it makes the object cast a shadow. An area that protected from the sunlight is often called “the shade.” If you don’t want to get sunburned, it’s a good idea to sit in the shade.

We use the word “lighting” to refer to a system of artificial lights, especially inside a house or building. A place can have bright/strong lighting or the opposite – soft/subdued lighting (a low level of illumination for artistic/romantic purposes). And along the highways and roads, we have street lights.

If it’s nighttime and the power goes out (or there is a power outage – a lack of electrical power), then the city will be plunged into darkness. You can describe the darkness as complete/total darkness to emphasize that it is 100% dark. People will have to use flashlights or light candles to be able to see – until the next morning when the sun rises/comes up.