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My mother radically changed her eating habits a few years ago. In the past, she ate a lot of junk food (food that is not nutritious/healthy) and was overweight. Sometimes she would try to go on a diet (eat less food and healthier food), but it would never last. But now she understands how unhealthy processed foods are – they’re full of food additives (chemicals added to food) that contribute to weight gain and heart problems.

Nowadays, she eats a balanced diet including a lot of nourishing meals (meals that are healthy and nutritious) that she prepares herself. She doesn’t buy organic food because she thinks the prices are outrageous, but she stocks up on fresh produce (fresh fruits and vegetables) so that she can grab an apple or some veggies when she wants a quick snack (something small and fast to eat). She has also learned to eat in moderation and watch her portion sizes (how much food you take).

I often stop by her house when I’m in the mood for a home-cooked meal. The other day she made a hearty stew (a thick soup with lots of flavors and ingredients) that was full of beans and vegetables. My brother, who has a healthy appetite (the capacity to eat a lot), had a second helping (a second portion) – but I found the stew so filling that I could barely finish my bowl.

My mother recently told me that she’d like to try some international cuisine. I was surprised to hear that, because a few years ago she had a bad experience after getting food poisoning (when you get sick because of contaminated food) at a Japanese restaurant. So tomorrow I’m taking her to a Brazilian steakhouse. I told her to eat light meals (small meals) during the day so that she doesn’t spoil her appetite for dinner (“spoiling your appetite” means eating food earlier, and then not being hungry for a meal later).