Английские словосочетания по теме ВРЕМЯ

Знакомимся с английскими словосочетаниями по теме “ВРЕМЯ” в контексте.

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Are you always in a rush, or do you take your time? Do you spend your time efficiently, or do you waste time and procrastinate important tasks – then stay up working until ungodly hours (very late at night/early in the morning)?

It has taken me ages (taken a very long time), but I’ve finally adopted some time-management habits:

– Plan things well in advance and don’t underestimate the amount of time things will take – otherwise you’ll end up being a slave to your grueling schedule (very intense schedule).
– Take care of time-consuming tasks (things that take a lot of time) on a day when you have no pressing commitments (urgent appointments or things to do).
Establish a timeline for major projects, so that you don’t leave things to the last minute and risk running out of time. Then, stick to the schedule and try to get ahead if possible. There’s nothing worse than falling behind on a project with a strict deadline (a definite date before which it needs to be finished).
– Leave home and work a little earlier than normal to avoid rush hour (the time when there is a lot of traffic because everyone is going to work or coming home from work).
– Sleep for eight solid hours (eight hours without interruption) every night; you’ll wake up with more energy.

If you’re working from dawn till dusk (from the early morning to the late evening) and you have little or no spare/free time, it could mean that you’re overworked, and you should cut back on your hours (reduce your working hours) to free up some time (make more time available).