Английские словосочетания по теме ВНЕШНОСТЬ

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My best friend Joanna is absolutely gorgeous (extremely beautiful). She has long, sleek, jet-black hair (sleek = smooth and straight, jet-black = perfectly black), pale blue eyes (pale = light color), and a radiant complexion (skin that appears healthy and full of energy).

People always compliment her on her hourglass figure (when a woman has large breasts and hips, but a small waist) and ask her what the secret is to maintaining such a slender waist (a thin waist). She has a round face with an upturned nose, and she actually bears a striking resemblance (looks extremely similar) to a famous singer.

Joanna could get any guy she wanted – so I was really surprised when she introduced me to her latest boyfriend, who I think is hideously ugly. He has curly, shoulder-length hair that looks rather unkempt (unkempt hair = messy hair, it appears that the person doesn’t take care of their hair).

He has a square face and a ruddy complexion (reddish skin). His deep-set eyes (eyes that are far back in the person’s face) are almost hidden under his bushy eyebrows (big eyebrows with lots of hair), and he sports a thick mustache and a huge, shaggy beard (a beard with lots of hair). I guess Joanna doesn’t mind his facial hair (facial hair = beard and/or mustache).

His body isn’t bad – he has an athletic build (body with a lot of muscles), with broad shoulders (wide shoulders) and muscular arms. If he would only trim his beard (cut his beard a little shorter) and comb his hair, I suppose he could be considered somewhat attractive (more or less beautiful/handsome).