Передачи на английском языке

В данном разделе представлен ряд увлекательных передач на английском языке. Каждая передача делится на две части: в первой части дан сюжет на какую-либо тему повседневного общения, во второй части – лексико-грамматический комментарий диктора. Вам подробно рассказывается о значении и употреблении специфических слов и выражений, встретившихся в сюжете.

Спектр тем представленных передач на английском языке отличается своим диапазоном: здесь затрагиваются и вопросы экологии, и здорового образа жизни, и любимых увлечений и еще многие другие моменты.

Просмотр передач на английском языке будут особенно полезны для тех, кто имеет базовые знания. Вы слышите реальный английский в том самом виде, как он звучит в устах настоящий носителей. Реальная разговорная лексика, естественная интонация, живой темп речи – в общем, все, что необходимо для полноценной практики английского языка.

Передачи на английском языке – прекрасная возможность развивать и совершенствовать языковые навыки. Для тех, кто еще не владеет английским языком в достаточной степени, все выпуски передач снабжены полным текстом.

About Jasmine

Today we’re going to meet another student from the University of Adelaide. Listen for some of the words she uses about making friends and meeting different people.

Australiana Auction

Meet a man who has spent most of his life collecting books and other documents about early Australia.

Baby Animals

Visit a children’s zoo at the local show where children can go to learn all about animals

Bells Surf

Every Easter, the world’s best surfers go to Bells Beach for a world championship surfing event. We’ll meet some of these surfers and ask them why Bells is such a popular event.

Big Book Club

In recent years, book clubs have become very popular in Australia. In South Australia, they’ve got a very big book club that includes people from all over the state.

Bread Shop

In this episode we go to the market and talk about bread.

Camp Ovens

Find out about how people cook when they’re camping.

Computer Students

Meet some computer students with a difference.

Cyclone Tracy

It’s 30 years since one of Australia’s worst natural disasters – Cyclone Tracy.

Dolphin Sanctuary

Visit the Port River, in Adelaide, where a pod of about 30 dolphins has made its home.

Do you like the weather?

When you’re learning English, it’s important to be able to answer the common, everyday questions that people ask you. Today we’re asking people another very common question: Do you like the weather?

Flying Scientist

Meet a Flying Scientist. He flies all over the outback, taking science experiments to children who would otherwise never get to see them.

Garden Railways

At yearly Royal Show events in Australian cities, farmers come to show off all their produce and animals. But lots of other people come to show off their favourite things as well.


Go to Darwin, to meet a young man who might just be the next Australian go-kart champion.


Hobbies are things you do just for fun. We asked some students about their hobbies to demonstrate how we talk about these things.


Find out about holidays and travelling.

How do you get to uni?

Today, once again, we’ll talk to our friends from Adelaide University. We ask them about travelling between their homes and the university.

How much is that?

Today we’re going to look at how you buy things in a market.


Kay loves shopping, and loves cooking. Listen to her talk about her day shopping at the market, and what she likes to cook.

Last Bullocky

Meet a bullocky.
Смотреть передачу Last Bullocky

Literature Festival

Visit North Queensland, to go to a literature festival especially for young people.
Смотреть передачу Literature Festival


We go somewhere that they say looks a lot like Mars and we meet some people who would love to go to the real place.
Смотреть передачу Mars

Music Workshops

Visit some music workshops that are being run in Victorian high schools.
Смотреть передачу Music Workshops


We talk to a few different people and ask them to tell us about the kind of work they do, what they like about it and also a little about how they got their job.
Смотреть передачу Occupations


We look at a colourful flower display.
Смотреть передачу Orchids

Pollution Police

In the Victorian town of Horsham, the local council has decided to fund a program to train hairdressers to develop counselling skills.
Смотреть передачу Pollution Police

Quorn Store

We visit Quorn where the local store is closing down after more than 150 years.
Смотреть передачу Quorn Store


It’s back to the market to ask people about what they like to cook.
Смотреть передачу Recipes

Restaurant Guru

Visit a fancy restaurant in Singapore.
Смотреть передачу Restaurant Guru

Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service was started in 1928 to help people who live far away from cities and towns. Find out more by watching today’s story on the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
Смотреть передачу Royal Flying Doctor Service

Sheep Judging

Visit a sheep judging day at the Royal Adelaide Show.
Смотреть передачу Sheep Judging

Shopping Lists

We talk to people about shopping lists and tell you about other lists.
Смотреть передачу Shopping Lists

Suburban Garden

In Darwin it’s always hot. So gardens need to be cool, relaxing places to be.
Смотреть передачу Suburban Garden

Transit of Venus

The transit of Venus is when the planet Venus crosses between the sun and the Earth. It doesn’t happen very often, and it has been an important event in times gone past.
Смотреть передачу Transit of Venus

Tripe Club

Visit a club in Perth. It’s not a sporting club, or a collectors club. It’s a tripe club.
Смотреть передачу Tripe Club

What are you doing?

For today’s English Bites story, we went back to the University of Adelaide. While we were there, we asked Sarah ‘What are you doing?’
Смотреть передачу What are you doing?

What do you like?

We go out on the streets to a local market and ask the people we meet ‘What do you like?’
Смотреть передачу What do you like?

What’s your house like?

Today on English Bites we’re asking people about their houses. Are they big or small? How do you describe the place where you live?
Смотреть передачу What’s your house like?

Weather words

Previously on English Bites we’ve looked at ways of describing the weather. Today we’re going to look at those weather words a bit more closely, and look at some unusual phrases.
Смотреть передачу Weather words

Working life

Meet some working Australians. They’re going to tell us about their jobs.
Смотреть передачу Working life