Диалоги и вопросы к ним

На этой странице представлены задания на аудирование, которые предполагают прослушивание диалогов и ответы на вопросы к ним. Данный вид теста является одним из заданий на аудирование в ОГЭ по английскому языку.

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Задание 1 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух друзей. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Maggie did not have breakfast at home because she
1. overslept.
2. felt unwell.
3. was on a diet.

2) As for sports, Maggie does …
1. cycling.
2. athletics.
3. swimming.

3) For her meal Maggie is having
1. sandwiches.
2. vegetarian pizza.
3. fish and chips.

4) Maggie enjoys making …
1. food.
2. souvenirs.
3. clothes.

5) In the future Maggie wants to be …
1. a designer.
2. a coach.
3. a doctor.

6) The class Maggie is having in a few minutes
1. Mathematics.
2. Science.
3. Literature.

1) – 3
2) – 2
3) – 3
4) – 2
5) – 1
6) – 3

Jeff: Hi, Maggie! Are you heading for the canteen? So early?
Maggie: Oh, yes, Jeff, I could eat a horse! I skipped breakfast today and now I’m regretting it.
Jeff: I’m going there too. But I never have breakfast at home.
Maggie: Why not?
Jeff: I just have no time for it. I sleep till the last possible moment.
Maggie: And I didn’t eat because I decided to try a new diet. That was a stupid thing to do!
Jeff: Ha-ha, it certainly is stupid! You’re the captain of the school athletics team! You spend hours at the stadium! I do cycling and know that sport burns lots of calories.
Maggie: It’s true. It was Linda who talked me into trying the diet.
Jeff: But Linda has never done any sport! I’ve seen her at the swimming pool once, and she was sitting on the bench with a sandwich in her hand.
Maggie: Careful. She’s my friend.
Jeff: Sorry. I didn’t mean any offence. Look at that food! Those buns look yummy! What would you like to eat to compensate for skipping breakfast?
Maggie: Pizza. No, they only serve vegetarian pizza today. I’ll have fish and chips. I haven’t eaten it for ages!
Jeff: And it looks like a huge portion. I’ll have fish and chips too.
Maggie: Fine. Let’s take the food to that table, by the window, ok?
Jeff: Yes sure. Sit down. … Oh, the chips are delicious.
Maggie: It’s a simple dish, but I can never cook it the same way they do it in the canteen.
Jeff: They probably know the secret.
Maggie: Yes, maybe. We don’t often cook anything special at home. Mum prefers frozen food. It saves time.
Jeff: Right, but homemade food is better. I actually like homemade things of all kinds and prefer them to manufactured goods.
Maggie: Oh, yes! I adore homemade presents. I always make something special for my family, like homemade birthday cards, little pictures, accessories. It’s a pity I can’t knit or sew. Otherwise I would try to make clothes myself.
Jeff: Like a designer?
Maggie: Kind of. I actually dream of being a designer in the future, not of clothes but an interior designer.
Jeff: A person who advises about the colours of the walls and what pieces of furniture to buy?
Maggie: Sort of. You’re not taking it seriously, but even doctors say that people’s health and happiness depends on how their home looks. Harmony in your home makes you live longer.
Jeff: Probably. I just thought you wanted to be an athletics coach.
Maggie: No, I’ve never thought about it as a career. Oh, what time is it? I need to hurry up or I’ll be late for my Literature class.
Jeff: Is it your last lesson for today?
Maggie: Oh, no. After Literature I have Maths and then Science. Why do you ask?
Jeff: I need to discuss one thing with you. It’s about my younger sister.
Maggie: Does she want to join our team?
Jeff: Yes. But I’m not sure she should do it. Could we talk about it after your classes?

Задание 2 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух друзей. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Tom’s birthday is in
1. winter.
2. spring.
3. summer.

2) Monica gave Tom
1. a box of sweets.
2. a pair of sunglasses.
3. a baseball cap.

3) Tom’s sister is …
1. younger than Tom.
2. older than Tom.
3. exactly the same age,

4) Next year Tom is going to …
1. start university.
2. start working.
3. continue school.

5) Tom’s mother works as …
1. an artist.
2. a driver.
3. an economist.

6) The birthday cake for Tom has been made by
1. his mother.
2. his grandmother.
3. a professional cook.

1) – 1
2) – 2
3) – 2
4) – 3
5) – 3
6) – 2

Monica: Hi, Tom! Happy birthday!
Tom: Oh, hi, Monica! I’m glad you found the time to come.
Monica: It wasn’t easy, really! It’s exam time and I still need to pass two exams before Christmas.
Tom: You will, don’t worry. And there’re still two weeks before Christmas!
Monica: Which is not a lot… Anyway, it’s your special day and this is for you.
Tom: What’s this? Looks like a packet of sweets.
Monica: Just take off the packaging and you’ll see.
Tom: Oh, ski sunglasses! They’re wonderful, Monica! You knew just what to get. I’m going on a skiing holiday and your present has arrived just in time.
Monica: I’m glad to hear it.
Tom: Please, come in. Let me put your cap and gloves here, on the shelf. You’re the first one actually.
Monica: Oh, who else is coming?
Tom: Some mates from my school baseball team, some classmates and my elder sister. You remember that she’s a university student, don’t you? She studies in Canada, and works there too, but she’s come especially for my birthday.
Monica: Lucky you.
Tom: Yeah, she’s always taken care of me. Now it looks funny as I’m taller than her but she still treats me like a child.
Monica: But it feels good to know that someone cares for you. Are you going to that Canadian university too?
Tom: I don’t know yet. I’ve still got two more years at school anyway, so I’ll decide later.
Monica: Good point. Oh, you’ve got some nice pictures on the wall.
Tom: They’re my mum’s.
Monica: Is she an artist? I didn’t know that.
Tom: Kind of. She does it as a hobby. Our family and friends like them.
Monica: She’s definitely got talent.
Tom: Yeah, but, unfortunately, she hasn’t got much time for painting. She’s an economist in a large company and it often means working long hours. Sometimes she has to drive to her office even on weekends.
Monica: Yes, I can understand that. Is she going to be at the party?
Tom: Yes, but she’ll join us a bit later. She’s left to get my birthday cake.
Monica: Where from?
Tom: From my grandmother’s. We never buy birthday cakes in a shop. My granny always makes them herself and she’s brilliant at it! You’ll see.
Monica: I’m dying to try it! Homemade things are always better, (the sound of the door bell) Oh, some more guests have arrived.

Задание 3 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух друзей. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Nora lives close to
1. the zoo.
2. the park.
3. the stadium.

2) Nora is interested
1. theatre.
2. sports.
3. science.

3) To enter the zoo Simon and Nora
1. paid the full ticket price
2. paid a discount ticket price.
3. had free tickets.

4) Nora and Simon are going to have lunch …
1. before visiting the zoo.
2. while visiting the zoo.
3. after visiting the zoo.

5) In the cafe Nora and Simon are going to have …
1. a meat salad.
2. a fish soup.
3. a vegetarian pizza.

6) Out of the wild animals, Nora is most fond of
1. monkeys.
2. tigers.
3. dolphins.

1) – 3
2) – 1
3) – 2
4) – 2
5) – 3
6) – 1

Nora: Hi, Simon! Have you been waiting long?
Simon: Hi, Nora. Yeah, pretty long, but don’t worry, I understand — you live far from here.
Nora: Yes, it’s you who’s lucky. You live close to the centre and very close to the zoo.
Simon: Yes, it’s nice here… very green, with a good park and a pond. But you shouldn’t complain either — you live in a good area too, and near the central city stadium.
Nora: It doesn’t mean much to me, you know. I’ve never done any sport. Sport isn’t for me — I’m going to study at the Drama Faculty.
Simon: Right, but if you want to be an actress, you need to be very fit. It’s not easy to perform on the stage for several hours.
Nora: Yes, you have a point.., but still… it’s more important to be able to sing and dance.
Simon: And that’s why you don’t worry very much about your science grades?
Nora: Right. Neither Maths nor Physics is my favourite. Anyway, let’s go! You wanted to show me the zoo, didn’t you? Do we need to buy tickets?
Simon: I’ve already bought them.
Nora: How much do I owe you?
Simon: Nothing. It’s not much as it’s only half-price for school students.
Nora: Ok, then I’ll buy us some Coke.
Simon: That’s ok… And we can have lunch right in the zoo itself. There’s a nice cafe there called The Goldfish.
Nora: Good idea.
Simon: They decorate all their dishes with little fish.
Nora: Funny! And do they have any vegetarian dishes? I don’t eat meat.
Simon: Yes, sure. They’ve got salads and soups and everything but I would recommend the pizza. Shall we share one?
Nora: That’s a good idea. 1 never mind having pizza. With cheese and mushrooms?… Yummy!
Simon: Ok, but it’s time to go. Otherwise we won’t be able to see all the animals. The zoo is huge. I suggest we start with the dangerous animals — the lions and tigers.
Nora: Oh, no! Let’s start with the monkeys! They are so funny and cute. I really want to see them.
Simon: Ok, let’s start with the monkeys then. Let me see the map… Well, they are somewhere here. We should go through the main gate, past the pond and here they are… just between the birds’ territory and the pool for the dolphins.
Nora: Excellent.
Simon: Unfortunately the pool is under reconstruction at the moment, so we won’t be able to see the marine animals…
Nora: Never mind. Let’s go.

Задание 4 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух друзей. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) I Oliver and Jessica are talking
1. in the school gym.
2. in the classroom.
3. at home.

2) Jessica has lost her
1. key.
2. mobile phone.
3. laptop.

3) Oliver wants to join …
1. a swimming team.
2. a basketball team.
3. a football team.

4) Jessica learnt to swim …
1. in a swimming pool.
2. in the sea.
3. in a lake.

5) Jessica’s father is
1. a driver.
2. a teacher.
3. a farmer.

6) Jessica suggests going to
1. the cinema.
2. the pizzeria.
3. a party.

1) – 1
2) – 2
3) – 2
4) – 3
5) – 2
6) – 3

Jessica: Hi, Oliver!
Oliver: Hi, Jessica.
Jessica: What are you doing here? Why haven’t you gone home yet?
Oliver: I want to talk to our basketball coach. He said he would be here in half an hour, for the evening training session. And you? Why are you here so late?
Jessica: I just saw the light in the gym and dropped in to check who’s here.
Oliver: No, I mean why are you still in the school, not at home?
Jessica: Oh. I think I left my mobile in the classroom, but all the rooms are already locked.
Oliver: Pity.
Jessica: Never mind. I’m sure someone has found it and has given it to the form teacher. I’ll just ask her about it tomorrow.
Oliver: Yeah, I lost my key a couple of weeks ago. It was brought to the head teacher and I got my key back the next day. The school administration has a special box where they put all lost things — everything, from gloves to laptops.
Jessica: Yes, I know. And what do you want to see the coach for? Do you want to join the team?
Oliver: Yes… It’s actually what I have in mind. But I’m not sure I’ll be accepted.
Jessica: Why not?
Oliver: Basketball players are usually very tall, but I’m not…
Jessica: I don’t think it’s the main requirement, really! And even if it is, there are lots of other options — our football team, or our swimming team… No one cares how tall you are if you can swim fast.
Oliver: But I can’t swim at all.
Jessica: Well… Ok. Never mind. Swimming is easy. I love swimming in the sea, but it doesn’t happen very often unfortunately.
Oliver: Yeah. And where did you learn to swim?
Jessica: Oh, it was on my uncle’s farm, three years ago. It’s a nice place — there’s a beautiful lake nearby. That summer was unusually warm, and the water in the lake was warm too. We drove to the lake practically every day and my father taught me to swim. A couple of weeks, and I started to feel more confident in the water.
Oliver: You are quick. Do you always spend holidays together with your family?
Jessica: Usually with my father. He teaches Science at school and he often says that the main benefit of his work is the holidays. He has an opportunity to come on holiday together with us, my sister and me.
Oliver: That’s really good. My father works long hours and unfortunately we don’t spend much time together.
Jessica: You’re in a very pessimistic mood today. We need to cheer you up.
Oliver: Any ideas how to do it?
Jessica: Well… my sister’s friend is having a birthday party tonight. I’m invited and they won’t mind if I bring a friend. When you’ve had your talk with the coach, we can go straight there. They usually offer gorgeous pizza! And I’ve got a birthday present already.
Oliver: Are you sure they won’t mind one more guest?
Jessica: Absolutely. But it would be better to call them beforehand anyway. If you let me use your phone, I’ll do it right now.
Oliver: My phone?
Jessica: Yes, because I lost mine, remember?
Oliver: Oh, yes, sure.
Jessica: And I’ll have to make one more call, to my parents. They are in the cinema at the moment, but I want to let them know why they can’t reach me on my number. They’ll worry about me otherwise.
Oliver: Yes, sure, Jessica, you can use my phone.

Задание 5 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух друзей Клэр и Винсента, которые только что посмотрели пьесу. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) What did Claire like about the play?
1. the conversation
2. the set and costumes
3. the plot

2) Vincent thinks the plot is…
1. predictable
2. unpredictable
3. well developed

3) What was Claire surprised by?
1. how the play ended
2. how good the lead actress was
3. how slow-paced the story was

4) What type of play did they see?
1. an old classic
2. a comedy
3. a tragedy

1) – 2
2) – 2
3) – 1
4) – 3

Claire: Oh. I’m glad that’s over. It honestly wasn’t my kind of thing. All that melodrama and boring dining table conversation.
Vincent: Really? You must have completely different taste from me. It had me on the edge of my seat.
Claire: Look, the set and costumes were amazing, I’ll give you that. It really transported you back into the 19th century. But the plot was awfully predictable.
Vincent: Oh come on! The story had some very unexpected twists and turns. I thought the lead actress… What’s her name – Vera Styles, is very talented, too. You could see she had really immersed herself in the part and her character was well developed. I think the director did a fine job.
Claire: You’re right about the lead actress: she played her part very well. But that’s about all you can say. The story was just so slow-paced. It was enough to make you fall asleep at some parts.
Vincent: Well, I’d have to disagree with you. And I thought the ending was a great surprise, when the real murderer was revealed.
Claire: Yes, I suppose that was a bit of a surprise ….
Vincent: Besides, it was also about the characters and what they felt. A play wasn’t just about the story, you know…
Claire: That’s just the point. I found it much too sentimental and corny. When I go to the theatre I want to have a good laugh. Perhaps I just don’t get these tragedies.
Vincent: Well, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. Next time let’s try a comedy.
Claire: Yeah, you know we both get on better with those!
Vincent: Ok, The 39 Steps is playing at the Windmill Theatre next month; it’s a comedy version of the old classic. Do you fancy going?
Claire: Definitely! That would be great. I always like remakes, and if it’s comedy, even better!
Vincent: Right. I’ll book tickets, then.

Задание 6 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух друзей Шэрон и Райэна о боулинге. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Sheron met Derek:
1. on her way to a shop to buy groceries
2. on her way home
3. driving carefully

2) Sheron thinks that Derek:
1. is funny
2. doesn’t like that grumpy Mr Bryant
3. lacks a great sense of humour

3) What has Sharon invited Derek to?
1. a game night
2. a bowling night
3. a talent night

4) Who has seen Derek play?
1. a star player
2. Andy
3. Sharon’s co-worker

1) – 2
2) – 1
3) – 2
4) – 3

Sharon: So, have you met the new neighbours yet?
Ryan: Yes, I met them last night. They seem friendly enough.
Sharon: Have you met their eldest son? His name’s Derek.
Ryan: No, I haven’t. What’s he like?
Sharon: Well. I only met him briefly. He was very pleasant – even offered to drive me home with my groceries.
Ryan: That was very polite. We could do with a few decent neighbours.
Sharon: Yeah, not like that grumpy Mr Bryant next door. He’s so rude. Ryan: Anyway you didn’t tell me much about Derek, only that he’s pleasant …
Sharon: Yes, and he had such a great sense of humour. I’ve invited him to our bowling night on Friday, if that’s OK with you.
Ryan: Yes, sure. We could do with some extra talent on our team, we haven’t won a game for a month.
Sharon: I know. Tony does his best… But honestly, he can’t get the ball to roll straight, let alone knock the pins down!
Ryan: Mmm.. Our problem started when Andy left the team.
Sharon: Yes, it’s a shame he had to move away. The Northampton team are very lucky to have him.
Ryan: True. Our loss is their gain, as they say. Has Derek ever been bowling before, by the way?
Sharon: As a matter of fact he used to bowl for another team in Nottingham where he lived. Apparently he’s very good.
Ryan: Really? How do you know?
Sharon: There’s a girl at work who’s from Nottingham. She’s seen Derek play there.
Ryan: A star player at last! So we stand a chance of actually getting a good score. I wonder if he’s as good as Andy!
Sharon: Let’s hope so. Do you know which team we’re playing on Friday night?
Ryan: No, but we got the programme here. Let’s have a look. It’s the Nottingham All Stars.
Sharon: What? That might be Derek’s old team. Let’s go and ask him.

Задание 7 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух друзей Шейлы и Пола о благотворительном забеге. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) What’s Sheila doing on Saturday?
1. is collecting money for a race
2. is organizing a race
3. taking part in a race

2) Who is trying to raise money?
1. Sheila’s school
2. Sheila’s friends
3. professional athletes

3) All runners are:
1. professional athlete
2. people who go for a sporty look
3. everyone who wants to learn running

4) In the evening, Sheila:
1. doesn’t know if she can go to the cinema
2. doesn’t want to go to the cinema
3. invites Paul to the cinema

1) – 3
2) – 1
3) – 2
4) – 1

Paul: Hi, Sheila. What have you been up to lately?

Sheila: Hello, Paul, I haven’t seen you for ages. Nothing much, actually …

Paul: Me neither. Too busy studying for exams.

Sheila: Yeah, thank goodness they’re over at the end of this week!

Paul: If you’re interested, there’s a good film on at The Rex on Saturday. Do you fancy going?

Sheila: Sorry. Paul, but I’ll be busy then. I’m going on a fun run.

Paul: A fun run? What’s that?

Sheila: You know, it’s a race to raise money for a good cause.

Paul: I see. Who are you going with?

Sheila: Actually, my school is organising it. Quite a few of my classmates are taking part. Why don’t you come along?

Paul: Well, that depends. How long is it?

Sheila: Only 5 kilometres. You don’t need to be a professional athlete, just be reasonably fit, if you feel tired you can stop for a rest.

Paul: Well, that’s a relief! You know I’m not that good at running. What’s the charity for?

Sheila: We’re соllecting money for an African wild animal fund.

Paul: Oh, right. Our school has been collecting for ‘Save the Dolphin’. We didn’t think of a fun run, though.

Sheila: So. Are you coming on Saturday, then?

Paul: Count me in!

Sheila: OK, see you at the school at 9 o’clock sharp.

Paul: If it’s that early, we could still go to the Rex, couldn’t we?

Sheila: That depends on how exhausted you’ll be in the evening!

Paul: OK, we’ll see how we feel. What shall I wear, by the way, shorts and a T shirt?

Sheila: Yes. And there’s a prize of a new pair of trainers for the runner with the coolest T-shirt.

Paul: Great! My T-shirt with the gorilla on the front will be just the thing!

Sheila: Don’t forget to wear a sweatband, it gets pretty hot when you’re running and you don’t want the sweat dropping into your eyes.

Paul: Sheila, you think of everything.. But I haven’t got a sweatband.

Sheila: I’m sure I can find you one of mine – I might even have one with giraffes on it to go with your T-shirt.

Задание 8 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите беседу школьного доктора и пациентки. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Jennifer first started to feel the symptoms of her illness
1. before leaving for school.
2. in her morning class.
3. after her PE class.

2) The doctor says that Jennifer’s blood pressure
1. too low.
2. normal.
3. too high.

3) Jennifer did without breakfast because
1. she was going to be late for school.
2. she was feeling unwell.
3. she never eats breakfast.

4) Jennifer’s diet is
1. healthy.
2. low-calorie.
3. protein rich.

5) The doctor insists that they should test Jennifer’s
1. heart.
2. stomach.
3. kidney.

6) The doctor suggests that
1. Jennifer makes an appointment herself.
2. he makes an appointment for Jennifer.
3. Jennifer calls him the next day.

1) – 1
2) – 1
3) – 3
4) – 2
5) – 2
6) – 2

Doctor: Well…, you’re Jennifer Black, aren’t you? The sixth form?

Jennifer: Yes, Doctor, it’s me.

Doctor: Your teacher said you suddenly fell ill in the PE lesson. What exactly happened?

Jennifer: To tell the truth, I’ve been feeling unwell all morning. When I tried to get up I felt very weak and stayed in bed for an extra fifteen minutes to cope with the weakness and the pain in my stomach. I was nearly late for the first class because of that.

Doctor: OK, but during the PE class… did you do any tiring exercises? Too much running or any difficult exercises?

Jennifer: No, not really! We did some aerobics and played volleyball. I felt sick during the game and nearly fainted. .

Doctor: OK, let me take your blood pressure. … Well, it could be higher… You are feeling weak because of a drop in your blood pressure. Don’t worry — it can be easily raised with a cup of strong sweet tea. What did you have for breakfast, Jenny?

Jennifer: I didn’t have any breakfast actually.
Doctor: Was it because you were going to be late for school? Did you skip breakfast as you didn’t have time for it?

Jennifer: No, it’s not that. I don’t normally eat breakfast because I want to lose weight. I want to be slimmer.

Doctor: Yes, I see. Can you describe in detail what you usually eat during the day? How many meals do you have? Lunch? Dinner? Supper?

Jennifer: One. At about 4 o’clock… I don’t know what to call it. I have a glass of juice and some salad, and a yogurt. Sometimes I skip the yogurt.

Doctor: Look here, Jenny, can’t you understand that you are ruining your body? This dieting will end up in an eating disorder, which will cause serious stomachaches, which you mentioned you’ve already been having, heart problems, kidney problems… You may become an easy target for any infection or disease. For now, I strongly recommend the medical examination called endoscopy. You’ll swallow a small flexible camera, so we will be able to see your stomach from inside.

Jennifer: No-o-o…

Doctor: We’ll have to, unfortunately. I’ll call the hospital and make an appointment for you. And I’ll let you know about the exact date and time tomorrow, OK?

Jennifer: OK. Will you call me?

Doctor: It would be better if you drop in. I want to check your blood pressure just to be sure. And now we are going to design your new diet. You must follow it.

Задание 9 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите беседу двух одноклассников. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Zach didn’t sleep at night because he
1. felt unwell.
2. wrote a project paper.
3. played a computer game.

2) Sally says that
1. she walks to school.
2. she gets to school by bus.
3. her mother drives her to school.

3) According to Sally, her mother
1. works for a financial company.
2. works as a university teacher.
3. stays at home.

4) Sally says that the most difficult subject for her
1. Maths.
2. French.
3. History.

5) Sally plays
1. the guitar.
2. the drums.
3. the piano.

6) As for music styles, Sally prefers
1. jazz.
2. rock.
3. pop.

1) – 3
2) – 2
3) – 3
4) – 1
5) – 2
6) – 3

Sally: Are you OK, Zach? Hey, Zach!

Zach: Oh, it’s you, Sally. I was daydreaming.

Sally: You were sleeping, not daydreaming! Did you play computer games all night again?

Zach: Yes, how did you guess?

Sally: That’s easy. Your eyes are red, your reactions are slow, and you look sleepy! And your homework isn’t done.

Zach: OK, you’re right. Just a new game. I couldn’t quit before I reached the fifth level. You wouldn’t understand as you don’t care about computers.

Sally: Why, I do, but I’m not a geek. I have more important things to do than play games for hours.

Zach: Really? And what are you busy with all day long?

Sally: Well, I start with walking my dog. At 8 o’clock sharp I have to be at the picking up point for the school bus. Mum used to drive me to school, but now she’s very busy with my little brother, so I have to go by bus.

Zach: I see. Babies are always trouble.

Sally: No, not at all! He’s a little darling and I love him! Twice a week, when I don’t take my music lessons, I babysit for my mum so that she can read the economic news . She’s got a university degree and worked for a financial firm but she had to quit it because of my. brother’s poor health. She’s planning to go back to her career and has to be well informed about everything.

Zach: Yeah, that’s important to stay in the profession. And it’s nice of you to help her so much. But how do you manage to do your own lessons then?

Sally: The main thing is not to put off the assignments till the very last moment.

Zach: I always put them off…

Sally: And it’s important to start with the most difficult subjects — I always do Maths first. Languages and other humanities are easier so French goes the last.

Zach: I see. I find Maths the most difficult, too. And I’m really impressed with your ability to plan your day and stick to the plan. I never do anything on time… I even had to give up my guitar lessons… Do you play an instrument?

Sally: The drums. Mum wanted me to choose the piano, but I think drums are cooler.

Zach: They certainly are. There’re lots of people who play the piano but very few drummers. By the way, my friends are looking for a drummer for their band. Are you interested?

Sally: Well…, yes. What sort of music do they play?

Zach: Pop.

Sally: I see. I prefer pop music too. We learn about other music styles in music classes, like jazz, rock and classical, but you can’t dance to them.

Zach: True. I can introduce you to the guys. You’ll really need my recommendation as no girl’s ever played with them. It’s always been an all-boy pop band.

Sally: It won’t be any more.

Zach: We’ll see.

Задание 10 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор пассажира и водителя такси. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) The passenger in the taxi is
1. Australian.
2. European.
3. American.

2) The taxi passenger
1. drives her personal car regularly.
2. has never had a driving license.
3. prefers public transport for now.

3) According to her words, the taxi passenger
1. an architect.
2. a manager.
3. a photographer.

4) The taxi passenger says that she is
1. happy with her current job.
2. unhappy with her current job.
3. looking for a job at the moment.

5) The taxi passenger is travelling
1. on business.
2. to visit the family.
3. just for pleasure.

6) The taxi passenger is going to buy souvenirs
1. in the airport.
2. in a local shop.
3. in a supermarket.

1) – 2
2) – 3
3) – 1
4) – 1
5) – 3
6) – 2

Passenger: Hey, I prefer missing my flight to having a traffic accident.

Driver: Don’t worry, we aren’t exceeding the speed limit. It’s a highway.

Passenger: Slow down anyway, will you? I feel nervous every time I take a taxi here.

Driver: You’re from Europe, aren’t you?

Passenger: Yes, how do you know?

Driver: Europeans often feel like that on Australian roads. It’s because we drive on the left and you drive on the right. Americans take it easier though they, like you, have right-hand traffic.

Passenger: You are probably right. The left-hand traffic makes me feel strange.

Driver: Do you drive at home?

Passenger: No. Not now. I used to drive a lot when we lived in the countryside and I had to commute to the city. But I sold my car when we moved to the city centre. It caused lots of problems.

Driver: What kind of problems? Did it break down too often?

Passenger: No. It was a nice car, but it was difficult to find a parking place in the city. And the traffic jams! I was often late for work.

Driver: I see. The Underground is more reliable.

Passenger: Exactly. Once I was late for a job interview because of a traffic jam. It was a dream job with a large construction firm. I didn’t get it.

Driver: Sorry to hear that. Are you an engineer or a manager?

Passenger: Neither. I design and plan buildings.

Driver: Wow!

Passenger: Yes, and several buildings I designed have already been constructed! I’ve got the photos in my internet portfolio.

Driver: Sounds impressive. You could find a good job here I think. The construction sector is booming at the moment — we are building houses, and supermarkets, and new hotels…

Passenger: Thank you but… not now. I’ve just taken a new job and I really enjoy it. The money is good too so I don’t feel like changing anything. The job also allows me to travel a lot.

Driver: So, are you here on business?

Passenger: No, for a seaside holiday. A friend of mine suggested coming here and I don’t regret it — the beaches are beautiful! I haven’t seen much of the rest of the countryside — next time, probably.

Driver: Right.

Passenger: Oh, gosh! I haven’t even bought any souvenirs for my parents. Do you think I can buy anything in a duty-free shop?

Driver: If you want to buy something made by local people, like paintings, pottery or wooden souvenirs, there’s a shop right on the way to the airport. We can stop there if you want.

Passenger: Yes, I do! My mother loves authentic artwork. And due to your incredibly fast driving I’ve got about half an hour before the flight.

Задание 11 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор посетителя спортивного клуба и представителя службы охраны. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Jackie says that he
1. goes to the sports centre regularly.
2. does sports from time to time.
3. has been to the centre for the first time.

2) Jackie says that on this day he came
1. to attend his gym class.
2. to see his coach.
3. to have a swim in the pool.

3) According to Jackie, his iPod went missing
1. from the reception desk.
2. from the changing room.
3. from the coffee bar.

4) The security says that the sports centre
1. provides a special place for valuable things.
2. reports stolen things to the police regularly.
3. will compensate for the lost iPod.

5) Jackie didn’t put his iPod in the safe because
1. he has never bothered about safety.
2. the safe is expensive.
3. the safe is always occupied.

6) The iPod was found
1. by the police.
2. by the security.
3. by Jackie himself.

1) – 1
2) – 3
3) – 2
4) – 1
5) – 1
6) – 3

Security: Morning. I’m Thomas Richardson, the sports centre security. The lady at the reception said that your iPod’s missing.
Jackie: Yes, that’s right.
Security: Can I ask you a few questions?
Jackie: Sure. Go ahead.
Security: Your name is…?
Jackie: Jackie Lee.
Security: OK, Jackie, do you often visit our sports centre?
Jackie: Yes. My parents brought me to the centre three years ago and signed me up for the gym classes. Since then I’ve been coming here every Tuesday and Thursday and I never miss classes as the coach says that it’s very important… not to miss…
Security: Right, but there are no morning gym classes today.
Jackie: Sometimes I come to the swimming pool, too. It doesn’t happen very often — only when I have the time. Today is such a day — I have a morning off, so I decided to have a swim.
Security: Is it possible that you’ve forgotten your iPod somewhere in the centre? In the coffee bar or in the gym?
Jackie: No. I didn’t use them today. I came to the centre quite early, bought a ticket to the swimming pool at the reception and went straight to the changing room and then to the pool. I haven’t been either to the gym or to the bar. I left my iPod in the locker in the changing room but when I came back, it wasn’t there.
Security: I see. Frankly speaking, I can’t remember our visitors ever reporting stolen valuables; they often lose things, which are usually found and brought to the reception. However, this incident looks like a crime and we’ll have to call the police I’m afraid.
Jackie: Looks like that.
Security: There’s a special safe at the reception by the way. We strongly recommend that our visitors keep valuables and mopey there. The safe is free and available for all our visitors…
Jackie: Yes, I know about the safe, but neither my friends nor I ever use it. Maybe it’s a bit careless but we’ve always left money, watches and phones in the changing rooms — nothing has ever happened.
Security: I’m calling the police.
Jackie: No, wait a moment. I think I can hear my iPod. It sounds like its in the locker. Oh goodness, it’s here in my boot. I put it inside the boot to not forget it.
Security: Fine. I’m glad you’ve found it.
Jackie: I’m really so sorry for all this trouble. My mum’s right — I’m hopelessly absent-minded.
Security: It’s OK.

Задание 12 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор студента по обмену и хозяйки дома, в котором он живет. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Amy approves of Philip’s intention of
1. working in the library.
2. looking around the town.
3. having an early breakfast.

2) Amy suggests that Phillip
1. sunbathes on the beach.
2. has a picnic on the beach.
3. enjoys the sea view.

3) Amy recommends
1. going to a church service.
2. sightseeing in the church.
3. taking photos in the church.

4) According to Amy, the most efficient means of transport in the town is
1. bicycle.
2. bus.
3. taxi.

5) In Amy’s opinion,
1. life is getting better in the town.
2. life is getting worse in the town.
3. nothing ever changes in the town.

6) Amy says that local people’s favourite pastime
1. shopping.
2. watching TV.
3. outdoor activities.

1) – 2
2) – 3
3) – 2
4) – 1
5) – 1
6) – 3

Philip: Hello, Amy! Enjoy your tea!
Amy: Hi, Philip. Leaving so early? It’s Sunday today — no classes as far as I know.
Philip: That’s right. I want to take advantage of that and explore your town.
Amy: Very sensible of you. It’s a nice place.
Philip: You can probably recommend something to me? I haven’t been anywhere yet except the library. If you aren’t busy now…
Amy: No, not at all. Sit down and help yourself to tea and biscuits. Some milk and cornflakes?
Philip: No, thank you, Amy. I’ll just have some tea and a sandwich.
Amy: OK, as you wish. I believe the first thing you should do today is go to the beach.
Philip: The beach?
Amy: Yes. Beaches are not only good in hot weather. Our beach is amazing in this season. Just sit down on the rocks and watch the sea — I promise you’ll enjoy it.
Philip: OK, I’ll do it.
Amy: Then go to the old chapel in the Sea Park. It’s very old and beautiful inside. You can’t take photos there but if you see the priest Father Matthew, ask him to show you around the chapel.
Philip: The priest?
Amy: Yes. He’s a nice man and believe me, he does it better than professional guides. Philip: OK, I’ll follow your advice. And how can I get to the centre of the town after that?
Amy: The best way to get around the town is by bicycle.
Philip: Is it?
Amy: Yes. There are buses, but the interval between buses is at least thirty minutes… Taxis are not allowed in the historical centre, and they are very expensive.
Philip: But I don’t have a bicycle here.
Amy: You don’t need to own it. There are lots of points where you can rent one very cheaply. The cycle routes are everywhere — we often go shopping by bicycle.
Philip: Your town authorities seem to care about the environment…
Amy: Yes, they do. The new mayor, who was elected two years ago, has done a lot to improve our life here. Cultural events have become more frequent and our streets and parks are kept nice and clean. People spend more time out-of-doors now.
Philip: That’s really good.
Amy: Yes. In the evening we don’t watch TV anymore but go to the parks where everyone can find something for themselves — jogging, chess, volleyball — or just walking and talking. Oh, that reminds me. Can you do me a favour, Phil?
Philip: Whatever you want.
Amy: Can you take my mobile to the service centre? It’s in the High Street, in the shopping centre.
Philip: Sure. No problem.

Задание 13 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) When will Jane’s cousins arrive?
1. On Monday.
2. On Sunday.
3. On Saturday.

2) Jane tells Mary about her cousins’ arrival because
1. she hopes to get Mary’s help.
2. she doesn’t know what to arrange.
3. Mary has a good idea.

3) What is the best thing at Pizza Hut?
1. Coffee.
2. Ice cream.
3. Pizza.

4) What film are they going to watch?
1. Friends Abroad.
2. Dark Rain.
3. Catch a Taxi.

5) Mary is unsure about the boat trip because
1. it is on Monday morning.
2. it can be too crowded.
3. it can be too early.

6) How do they choose to go to the beach?
1. By train.
2. By bicycle.
3. By bus.

1) – 3
2) – 1
3) – 3
4) – 2
5) – 3
6) – 2

Jane: Hi, Mary. Do you remember I told you about my cousins coming to visit us?
Mary: Hi, Jane. As far as I remember you said they were to come on Monday.
Jane: No, they were planning to arrive on Sunday but in fact they are coming a day earlier.
Mary: So they’ll be here for an extra day? Will you arrange anything for that day?
Jane: Yes. Let’s take them to Pizza Hut, the one we visited last week.
Mary: That’s a good idea. Though the coffee and ice cream leave much to be desired.
Jane: But I hope they’ll love pizza. It’s not bad. Besides, after that we can go to the cinema. I heard that Friends Abroad is quite good.
Mary: It’s not on any more. What about a new thriller Dark Rain, or that new comedy, Catch a Taxi?
Jane: To tell the truth they don’t like comedies. The thriller will be much better.
Mary: OK. I can get the tickets. I hope they’ll enjoy it.
Jane: And what about a boat trip on Monday morning? There is an early boat at half past eight, isn’t there?
Mary: Yes, but won’t that be too early?
Jane: Maybe. There’s a boat at eleven thirty, which returns at about half past one.
Mary: Fine. And on Tuesday we can go to the seaside. Shall we go there on our bicycles?
Jane: Well. It will be much cheaper than going by bus. And the train is too slow and crowded.

Задание 14 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Why has Susan been busy lately?
1. She has been arranging her holidays.
2. She has been staying at her aunt’s place.
3. She has been looking for a job.

2) What kind of job can Ann’s father offer?
1. A manager.
2. A shop assistant.
3. A secretary.

3) How much does Ann earn at her father’s shop?
1. £4.00 per hour.
2. £4.50 per hour.
3. £5.00 per hour.

4) Susan is enthusiastic about getting the job because
1. there is not too much work.
2. she likes it.
3. she can work together with her friend.

5) Where does Ann think is the best place to have lunch?
1. At home.
2. In the park.
3. At Pizza Hut.

6) After the conversation with Ann Susan decides
1. to apply for a job.
2. to find an easier job.
3. to talk to her parents.

1) – 3
2) – 2
3) – 2
4) – 3
5) – 2
6) – 1

Ann: Hi, Susan. Haven’t seen you for ages. Making arrangements for summer holidays?
Susan: Hello, Ann. I’ve been really busy with some arrangements, but they are not about holidays. I’m looking for a summer job for July. Later I’ll be able to have some rest at my aunt’s place in Greece.
Ann: That would be great. But what about the job? Kind of secretary or anything else? By the way, my dad needs another assistant in his shop. There’s too much work in summer for me to manage it.
Susan: Does it mean working with you? Tell me more about the job.
Ann: Well, it’s full time, five days a week.
Susan: What time do you start working in the morning?
Ann: At eight o’clock. I usually get the bus at half past seven.
Susan: And what about the pay? I’d like to save some money for a DVD player.
Ann: Well, I get four pounds fifty an hour, but for the first week you’ll get four pounds. More experienced people get five pounds.
Susan: Is there a place to eat near the shop, or do you take anything from home for you lunch?
Ann: Most days I take sandwiches from home. It’s much cheaper. There’s a nice park round the corner and I usually eat them there. But sometimes I can afford to go to Pizza Hut.
Susan: Perhaps I should go to see your dad. I think I will feel more comfortable if I work with somebody I know.
Ann: Oh, that will be great. I’m sure you won’t regret it. I’ll tell him and then I’ll phone you to say what time you can come..
Susan: OK, thank you.

Задание 15 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) What is Kate looking forward to?
1. Having a walk with friends.
2. Seeing her relatives.
3. Having a good rest.

2) Why does Don feel happy?
1. He is absolutely free.
2. He is going for a walk with his friends.
3. He has written an excellent report for his science lesson.

3) Kate isn’t worried about her studies because
1. she likes working at weekends.
2. she has little left to do.
3. she has done her work in Literature.

4) What does Don decide to do on Sunday?
1. To go to the concert.
2. To watch a thriller at the cinema.
3. To play tennis.

5) What does Don persuade Kate to do next weekend?
1. To do some sport.
2. To go surfing.
3. To have a lot of practice.

6) When Don decides to join her Kate feels
1. embarrassed.
2. scared.
3. surprised.

1) – 2
2) – 1
3) – 2
4) – 3
5) – 2
6) – 1

Don: Any plans for Saturday, Kate? I’m going for a walk in the hills with a few friends. Would you like to join us?
Kate: Well, thank you, but I’m going to my aunt’s for the weekend. She is really nice and I always have a good time with my cousins, so I think it’ll be great.
Don: Of course. Well, as for me, I can’t wait for Saturday! I had to spend last weekend writing a report for my science lesson. My teacher wanted to have it ready on Monday. I’m glad I don’t have to do anything like that this weekend.
Kate: Oh! Working at weekends is no fun, is it? I’ve got a bit of work in Literature to do, but it should only take an hour… So what are you doing after the walk?
Don: Well, the New Rock Band are here — did you know? They are playing at the Apollo Theatre.
Kate: But it’s very difficult to get the tickets, isn’t it? Have you got yours?
Don: Not yet. Now I think of it, it may be too late.
Kate: Why don’t you go to the cinema instead? There’s a great thriller on at the Odeon — Mystery at Sea. I saw it last week.
Don: Yes, I heard about it. The cinema is not my idea of fun, really. Sooner or later you can see most good films on TV.
Kate: That’s true. So, anything for Sunday?
Don: I think I’ll play tennis. What about your next Saturday?
Kate: I’d like to go surfing. I usually avoid sport at weekends — I think I’m a bit lazy. But I tried surfing when I was on holiday last year — and I really enjoyed it…
Don: If you want, I could come surfing with you.
Kate: Oh, no! I’m only the beginner. You’ll be bored.
Don: I’m not that good myself. I need a lot of practice.
Kate: Really? OK, then.

Задание 16 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) What does Paul think about the camera they see?
1. That it’s quite up-to-date.
2. That he can’t afford it.
3. That he can get the necessary sum.

2) Reading the message Paul understands that
1. he will get a camera.
2. he will get money.
3. he will get a present.

3) Why does Helen suggest that Paul should buy a notebook?
1. Because it can be very helpful.
2. Because it is on sale.
3. Because there is nothing else in the shop.

4) What does Paul finally decide to buy?
1. A new notebook to carry to college.
2. A new camera he has been dreaming about.
3. A new printer instead of the old one.

5) Helen and Paul choose the model
1. which his parents insist on.
2. which is cheap enough.
3. which is sold round the corner.

6) Where do Helen and Paul decide to go first?
1. To buy a new walkman.
2. To the shop round the corner.
3. To get a new printer.

1) – 2
2) – 1
3) – 1
4) – 3
5) – 2
6) – 3

Helen: Paul, what do you think about this camera? It looks quite up-to-date.
Paul: I like it but I’m afraid it’s too expensive for me.
Helen: Your parents have promised to pay for it, haven’t they?
Paul: They’ve given me some money, but it’s not enough. Even if I add the money I earned during holidays, I won’t get the necessary sum.
Helen: Then let’s have a look at some others. What about this one? It’s much cheaper. Besides it’s smaller. It will be more convenient to carry it wherever you go.
Paul: I guess you are right. Let me have a closer look… Just wait, there is a message for me on the mobile. Helen, it’s my uncle. He says that he has bought a camera for me. Just the model I’ve been dreaming about. That will be his present for me.
Helen: Well, the question is solved. Then you can buy something else. What about a notebook? You’ll be able to carry it around and you can take it into college with you, so it would be really useful.
Paul: I don’t really think I need a notebook. I work at home most of the time and I don’t want to take a notebook to college. What I really need is a new printer.
Helen: Haven’t you got one?
Paul: It’s very old and yesterday it got out of order. In fact my parents insisted on me buying a printer, not a camera.
Helen: There are a lot of printers to choose from. This one here is on sale. It doesn’t cost much.
Paul: I suppose not. I think I’ll even have some money left for a new walkman.
Helen: I saw a nice walkman in the shop round the corner.
Paul: Then let’s first choose a printer and then go to that shop.

Задание 17 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Whose idea was to play a game of tennis?
1. Harry’s.
2. Jill’s.
3. Of both of them.

2) Why did Harry like the game?
1. Because it’s a popular British game.
2. Because it’s his favourite game.
3. It’s played all the year round.

3) Why was Jill afraid of water?
1. Because she couldn’t swim.
2. Because nobody taught her to swim.
3. Because she almost drowned.

4) Both friends disliked
1. swimming and boxing.
2. boxing.
3. water polo.

5) What was Jill’s hobby?
1. Collecting.
2. Fitness.
3. Sport.

6) First of all Jill was eager to
1. play a game of tennis.
2. buy another pair of shoes.
3. see her collection.

1) – 1
2) – 2
3) – 3
4) – 2
5) – 1
6) – 2

Jill: I am sorry to have kept you waiting, Harry!
Harry: Don’t mention it. Where shall we go?
Jill: I haven’t had time to think it over. It’s up to you to decide.
Harry: Then I suggest we should go to the tennis court and play a game of tennis.
Jill: I’ve never played tennis but I know you are good at it. How old were you when you began to play tennis?
Harry: Let me think… I was about six years old when I started playing tennis. Since that time tennis has been my hobby.
Jill: I hear tennis is very popular in Great Britain.
Harry: Oh, yes. Tennis is played all the year round — on hard courts or grass courts in summer, and on hard or covered courts in winter.
Jill: What other outdoor games are popular in Great Britain?
Harry: Golf, football and cricket.
Jill: What about horse racing?
Harry: Lots of people in Great Britain are fond of it. Then comes swimming and boxing. Do you like swimming?
Jill: Rather. But when I was a little child I was afraid of water. Once I fell into the swimming pool and almost drowned. It took my father a lot of time and patience to teach me to swim. And I hate boxing. It’s such a rude kind of sport. And what do you think of it?
Harry: I don’t like it either. By the way, have you got any hobbies?
Jill: Guess. You are allowed three guesses.
Harry: Water polo?
Jill: No.
Harry: Horse racing?
Jill: No.
Harry: Basketball?
Jill: By no means. I am fond of collecting shoes. I have got a very good collection of shoes for running, jumping, dancing, walking. Casual shoes, shoes for parties… Care to see it?
Harry: Sorry, and what about tennis?
Jill: I am looking forward to seeing it. But, Harry, I have no tennis shoes in my collection. Maybe we’ll drop to a sports shop first?

Задание 18 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Why did Martin’s friend recommend that restaurant?
1. It was new.
2. It was trendy.
3. It was impressive.

2) What was Sally’s opinion about the restaurant?
1. She liked everything except music.
2. She disliked everything.
3. She liked everything except furniture.

3) Sally had visited the restaurant
1. the previous day.
2. the day before yesterday.
3. a week before.

4) The friends decided to go to
1. the same restaurant.
2. a nice restaurant.
3. the place they saw on their way.

5) Why did Sally want some soup?
1. She wanted to warm up.
2. She han’t eat soup for a long time.
3. She preferred soup to meat.

6) What did the friends feel about the new place?
1. They were disappointed.
2. They were pleased.
3. They worried about it.

1) – 2
2) – 2
3) – 1
4) – 3
5) – 1
6) – 2

Sally: Well, Martin, we have walked so much this evening that I am very tired and hungry. Aren’t you hungry?
Martin: Yes, indeed I am. Sally, I suggest we go to this restaurant. A friend of mine recommended it to me the other day.
Sally: What did he say about it?
Martin: ‘Stylish’. That was his impression.
Sally: What was the food like?
Martin: According to him the hamburgers were delicious.
Sally: And the music? Was it pleasant?
Martin: He said, ‘Modern’.
Sally: Now I’d like to say something. The furniture is really the latest style there. It looks good but it’s so uncomfortable to sit on. The hamburgers aren’t tasty and the orange juice and coffee are terrible.
Martin: Sally have you already tried this restaurant?
Sally: Let me continue about music. It’s something in between rock and rap. I’ve never heard it before and I don’t think I want to hear it again.
Martin: Now I understand whom Harry was dating yesterday!
Sally: It doesn’t matter now. Martin, look! That place is nice and clean. I am sure we’ll enjoy our meal there.
Martin: Let’s have chicken soup with rice. Shall we?
Sally: All right, a plate of hot soup will do me good. I feel a little chilly just now.
Martin: What shall we order next?
Sally: I’ll have beef with French fried potatoes. I haven’t eaten meat for a long time.
Martin: What shall we take for dessert?
Sally: It’s up to you.
Martin: I suggest black coffee and ice cream.
Sally: I hope we won’t have to wait very long. And it seems to me that I’ll like everything about this place.
Martin: Me, too.

Задание 19 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) What kind of holiday was Ann speaking about?
1. Her dream holiday.
2. Her holiday in the Crimea.
3. Her holiday at the seaside.

2) Ann was worried about
1. being lost in the crowd.
2. high prices for everything.
3. the place to have meals.

3) Why didn’t Mary worry about the place to live in summer?
1. She could book a hotel suite.
2. She could rent a house.
3. She could stay at her uncle’s.

4) Who could help Ann with accommodation?
1. Mary’s uncle.
2. Ann’s relatives.
3. The girls’ friends.

5) Ann wanted to
1. go on a trip to the pyramids.
2. try scuba diving.
3. make her holiday as exciting as possible.

6) How did the friends decide to spend their time?
1. To go to Egypt together.
2. To go to the Crimea together.
3. To go to the Crimea and to Egypt together.

1) – 1
2) – 2
3) – 3
4) – 1
5) – 3
6) – 2

Mary: What are you planning to do for your holiday?
Ann: For the holiday of my lifetime I definitely want to visit a country, which has incredible historical treasures, superb weather, and an amazing variety of things to do and to see.
Mary: Then you are talking about the Crimea. There’s no better place for holiday making than the Crimea. The climate is mild and the sea is beautiful. You can have a lot of interesting excursions connected with its history.
Ann: The only disadvantage is that in summer there are crowds of people there. It’s expensive to rent a good room and to have meals at a cafe.
Mary: You see I have no problems with all these things. My uncle has been living in Yalta for many years. He is a dentist. He has a nice cottage not far from the seaside. We always stay at their place when we go to Yalta.
Ann: You are lucky. Unfortunately we haven’t got any relatives in Yalta.
Mary: Maybe, I’ll be able to help you with accommodation. I’ll phone my uncle and ask him to reserve a room for you in advance.
Ann: It will be very kind of you. But I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m dreaming about the Pyramids, about a boat trip down the Nile and about the scuba diving in the Red Sea.
Mary: You’ve never told me that you’re good at swimming and diving.
Ann: I simply haven’t learnt yet.
Mary: Then I suggest that we go to the Crimea together for two weeks and I’ll teach you to swim. Then you’ll go to Egypt and enjoy your holidays there.
Ann: Good idea. It will be great fun.

Задание 20 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) What kind of book was Alex reading?
1. It was a thriller.
2. It was a detective.
3. It was the classics.

2) What difficulties did Alex have reading his book?
1. Connected with understanding the plot.
2. Connected with understanding some words.
3. Connected with understanding the motives of crime.

3) Why was Nick fond of reading Agatha Christie’s books?
1. Because they were in Russian.
2. Because they had unexpected endings.
3. Because they were easy reading.

4) Alex’s reading preferences included
1. the most popular authors.
2. serious classical authors.
3. both Dickens and Christie.

5) Why did Alex read Agatha Christie’s books?
1. They were interesting for him.
2. They were translated into fifty languages.
3. They were original.

6) Alex thought Agatha Christie’s books
1. combined practical and entertaining aspects.
2. should be only read in the original.
3. should receive the highest honour.

1) – 3
2) – 2
3) – 2
4) – 3
5) – 1
6) – 1

Nick: What are you reading, Alex?
Alex: As you see, it is a book.
Nick: What’s the title of the book, I wonder?
Alex: It’s David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.
Nick: What do you think of it?
Alex: As a matter of fact Dickens is one of my favorite writers. I have read five of his novels in Russian. Now I am reading the book in the original.
Nick: Have you got any language problems?
Alex: To tell you the truth I sometimes have to look up some words in the dictionary.
Nick: I can’t say that Dickens is among my favorite writers. I prefer detective stories and thrillers.
Alex: Tastes differ. Don’t you like Agatha Christie?
Nick: I’m fond of her detective stories. Not long ago I finished her novel Evil Under the Sun.
Alex: What do you think of it?
Nick: It produced a great impression on me. As usual I tried to solve the murder mystery myself but couldn’t till the very end, because practically all the main characters had some motives to commit murder.
Alex: I fully agree with you. It’s so very interesting to find out that a murderer was a person you’ll never suspect. I advise you to read Death on the Nile and The Body in the Library and…
Nick: Wait. Who has just been talking about Dickens, serious reading?
Alex: But Agatha Christie is one of the most popular authors of all time. Her novels are classics. They’ve been translated into more than fifty languages. I know that in 1971 she received Britain’s highest honor and was named a dame of the British Empire. By the way, if you want to improve your English you should read her books in the original.
Nick: I’ll follow your advice. But tell me the truth. Have you read Agatha Christie’s books only to practice your language?
Alex: Of course not. I simply adore her books.
Nick: Oh! I see.

Задание 21 на диалог и вопросы к нему


Вы услышите диалог. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Why did mother expect so many people on board the ship?
1. Because it was high season.
2. Because it was comfortable to sail.
3. Because it was an interesting voyage.

2) Where was the best place to spend time?
1. In the deck cabin.
2. At the restaurant.
3. On the upper deck.

3) The way to Cairo was to take
1. three and a half hours.
2. the whole day.
3. about five and a half hours.

4) How much time was it possible to spend in Cairo?
1. Not enough to see the main attraction.
2. Little to see the main attraction.
3. A little to see the main attraction.

5) What could the daughter do on board late at night?
1. She could sleep.
2. She could dance.
3. She could have tea.

6) Starting the voyage both mother and daughter felt
1. pleased.
2. worried.
3. enthusiastic.

1) – 1
2) – 3
3) – 2
4) – 1
5) – 2
6) – 3

Mother: Hurry up. Our ship sails in twenty minutes.
Daughter: Wow! How huge the ship is! I can’t really imagine how many passengers are on board now.
Mother: About 300 passengers with us.
Daughter: Do you expect so many people to be on board?
Mother: Sure. These ships are often filled to capacity in July when the weather is hot and the sea is calm.
Daughter:I suggest we go on the upper deck after we find our cabin. We will have more fun there.
Mother: You are right. There is a swimming pool there, deck chairs to sunbathe and a small tennis court. By the way, the view will be fantastic.
Daughter: Will we see the dolphins? Can I feed the seagulls?
Mother: Of course, when we’re in the open sea. The voyage takes all day long. We arrive at five thirty p.m.
Daughter: That gives us three and a half hours to spend in Cairo.
Mother: But that will be enough to see the Pyramids. They are lit and look magnificent. On our way back in five days we’ll be able to visit Cairo’s museum of History and its famous markets. Daughter: What are we going to do when we’re back on board?
Mother: We’ll enjoy our late dinner. The food served on the ship is tasty and the prices are reasonable.
Daughter: You know that I never go to bed before twelve o’clock so, what shall I do?
Mother: The ship sleeps only for a short time. If you are not tired, you’ll join the disco.
Daughter: There goes the whistle. We are off on a pleasant voyage.
Mother: The voyage is sure to be delightful. A lot of surprises are waiting for you!