Образец личного письма 3

Здесь находится образец 3 личного письма в формате ЕГЭ.


You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Tom who writes:

…I’m competing in a race this weekend for my school. I’m quite excited about it, and a bit nervous, too. I was wondering about sport in your country. What sports does your school have? Where do people usually go to watch big sporting events? What s your favourite sport and why?

In other news, my dad’s just bought a new car …

Write a letter to Tom.
In your letter:
• answer her questions
• ask 3 questions about his dad’s new car.
Write 100—140 words.
Remember the rules of letter writing.

27 April, 20__

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your letter. I always enjoy hearing your news! Your race this weekend sounds exciting. Don’t be nervous, I’m sure you’ll do fine.

As far as sport goes in my country, we have football, basketball and ice hockey at my school. For big sporting events, many people go to the stadiums, but it’s also common to go to a friends house and watch the game on television. My favourite sport is ice hockey. I play it at school and I love it because I love skating, and I love team sports as well.

Great news that your dad’s bought a new car. What kind of car did he get? What colour is it? Have you gone for a ride in it yet?

Good luck with your race. I hope you take home a prize! Write to me about it.

Bye for now,