Квартира на английском : Упражнение 5

Здесь находится упражнение 5 по теме КВАРТИРА НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.

Соотнесите начала предложений и окончания:

1. What а
2. Come in and
3. Would you like
4. Black
5. These cakes look
6. I’d rather
7. Where’s
8. Make yourselves
9. Can I take

a. at home.
b. have tea, actually.
c. lovely house!
d. your jackets?
e. sit down.
f. delicious.
g. or white?
h. some coffee?
i. your loo?


1. What а lovely house!
2. Come in and sit down.
3. Would you like some coffee?
4. Black or white?
5. These cakes look delicious.
6. I’d rather have tea, actually.
7. Where’s your loo?
8. Make yourselves at home.
9. Can I take your jackets?