Задание 8 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 8 на подбор заголовков к текстам.

1. Equality has changed manners 5. It’s better to keep silence
2. Nothing has changed 6. The scientific point of you
3. It’s better to think about others 7. Everyone should be polite
4. Familiar behavior 8. The changes aren’t bad

A) People today are less polite than they used to be. This is the view of Dr Andrew St George of Oxford University who has just completed a book on modern social behavior. As the title, The Descent of Manners suggests, he believes that manners have deteriorated since Victorian times. For example, people these days eat while they are walking down the street. They kiss and embrace in public. They push on to buses and trains. Men don’t open doors for women any more or offer a woman their set on a crowded train. The Victorians would be horrified by modern behavior. We went out on to the streets to find out what people think about his ideas. Here are some opinions that we heard.

B) ‘Life is certainly more informal these days, I’ll give you that but I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing. When I first started work I had to wear a suit and a tie but these days we all wear casual clothes. And everybody was called Mr This and Mrs That but today it’s all first names. In our office everyone even calls the Managing Director ‘Bob’. That was unthinkable when I was younger but I think it’s better now. It’s friendlier — more relaxed.

C) I don’t think it’s true. Things are different nowadays but I wouldn’t say they’re worse. Life has become much faster and people don’t have time for the more formal manners that the Victorians had. I know people eat in the street but I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just easier and faster like that.’

D) ‘Things have certainly changed but it isn’t bad manners. It’s all down to equality. The women have been fighting for equal rights for a long time. Why should I give up my seat so that a woman can sit down? If women want equality in jobs and things like that, they can’t expect special treatment for other things, can they? I think equality cuts both ways.’

E) ‘Well, Dr St George is right, isn’t he? I mean, look at those two young people over there. They can hardly keep their hands off each other. They shouldn’t kiss and cuddle like that in public. It’s embarrassing for other people. They can’t understand that it’s unpleasant to be the witness of private relations.’

F) ‘Noise. That’s what I don’t like about things today. Everyone seems to think they can make as much noise as they like without a thought for other people. When you get on a train, some idiot’s probably shouting into a mobile phone or you find yourself sitting next to someone with a personal stereo that’s turned up too loud. And have you tried having a quiet day in the garden lately? Quiet? You can hardly hear yourself with all the lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and what have you.’

G) ‘I think people today have good manners. Things aren’t as bad as some people like to make out. Most people still queue up for things properly and drivers usually stop for pedestrians at zebra crossing, because I think most people realize that life’s nicer that way. I must admit that people are generally more impatient and less considerate on the road but on the whole I think things are all right.’

A) – 6
B) – 4
C) – 8
D) – 1
E) – 3
F) – 5
G) – 2