Задание 62 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 62 на подбор заголовков к текстам.


1. Last Minute Off er
2. Best Catches Without Mistakes
3. Package Holiday
4. Summer Holiday for Independent Travellers
5. Educational Tour
6. Green Travel
7. Mountain Adventure
8. New Opportunities for Underwater Exploration

A. La Baume is a holiday camping site that caters for tents and caravans. It is divided into two main areas, each with their own pool area and facilities. They are a short walk apart so it is easy to enjoy the benefits of both. La Baume also boasts a small gift shop, a swimwear shop and a supermarket, which offers most of the goods you would expect from a local convenience störe.

B. Explore the UK and Ireland knowing your guides care as deeply about the environrnent as they do that you have a blast! Shamrocker and HAGGIS specialize in authentic tours of Ireland and Scotland. Locals run the Companies with the goal of showing you the best of their lands while making as little negative impact as possible.

C. Here’s yet another great deal for an Alaska cruise. You’ll begin your adventure in Vancouver and call in the ports of Ketchikan and Skagway before disembarking in Seward. If you thought that being able to afford a dream cruise to Alaska was out of reach, think again. Check out this seven-night cruise that starts at only $349 per person, but you have to jump on it fast since the sailing date’s just days away.

D. Let us pick you up from selected locations for your day at the Kennedy Space Centre! Listen to expert narration from our knowledgeable guides as we stop to get a bird’s eye view of the Space Shuttle launch pads. See other shows and exhib-its at the Visitor Complex, including a chance to meet a real astronaut at the Astronaut Encounter Show and enjoy the live-action show ‘Mad Mission to Mars 2025.’ Try your hand at a mission control console and take a virtual moonwalk before returning home!

E. A dive vacation is much more than someone handing you a tank, transporting you to a dive site and saying, ‘Have Fun.’ Divers want much more. Today, Aggressor Fleet yachts span the globe in twelve different countries and the list of exotic destinations keeps growing. The yachts have got private staterooms, an onboard chef and a slide film Processing lab — amenities that were unheard of on recreational dive boats.

F. Experience the centuries-old Inca Trail trek, the most famous of Peru hiking tours. If you seek to explore the culture, history, and grandeur of the Peruvian Andes, this trip is for you. From the well-preserved ruins of Machu Picchu to lush cloud forests and snow-covered peaks, this ten-day tour promises the ultimate experience in Peru adventure travel. Whatever itinerary you choose, this vacation is sure to meet your wildest expectations.

G. It is not just the spring that offers great fishing. These Boundary Waters iakes and rivers offer excellent fishing opportunities all season long. Our guides live for fishing these waters and will help you eliminate hours of trial and error on the water. They are there to put you on the fish! Not to mention the addition of a camp cook. Wake in the morning to the smell of fresh brewed eoffee and breakfast cooking on the fire.

A – 4
B – 6
C – 1
D – 5
E – 8
F – 7
G – 2