ЕГЭ: упражнение 61 на высказывания и утверждения

Вы услышите 6 высказываний. Установите соответствие между высказываниями каждого говорящего A-F и утверждениями, данными в списке 1-7. Используйте каждое утверждение, обозначенное соответствующей цифрой, только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение.

Play высказывания

1. My dream house looks like a castle.
2. I want to have pets in my dream house.
3. My house will be fashionable and attractive in design.
4. Being close to nature is of primary importance.
5. My future house will be on the move.
6. My dream house will be really impressive.
7. Everything in my house will be tiny.

A – 6
B – 2
С – 3
D – 5
E – 7
F – 4

Speaker A
I have always dreamt of having a stunning cream-coloured two-storey house located somewhere in Miami. I imagine a spacious beach house, with the beach being its backyard and the sea being its pool. Its front yard is also large, with a little creek and a big flat green space for a game of soccer. Lots of tall trees tower over the house. One of them will have a big tree house, with a ladder which can be pulled up. Every bedroom will have a large terrace overlooking the sea. The floors will be made of marble and all the furniture will be pure shiny smooth wood.

Speaker В
I wouldn’t like a huge house because there would be too much cleaning, but I would like to have spacious closets and bathrooms. I’m not much interested in a pool, but a hot tub would be nice. I’ve always wanted a house with a simple natural look and lots of indoor plants. I would definitely want a decent size yard, with lots of flowering plants and dogs running around. My family is quite large but they all can’t be in the same place for long before all hell breaks loose, so I would only want my hubby and kids to live in my dream house.

Speaker С
My future home will probably be mostly solar powered with a lot of modern insulation throughout the house. There will be plenty of energy efficient appliances and power conserving devices already preinstalled in the house. Well, I really want a house with four bedrooms and I want everything to be made of very modern materials like stainless steel. The house will have lots of windows, wood and marble flooring, and will definitely be very modern and sleek, with lots of electronic controls. The master bedroom will certainly have a Jacuzzi bathtub and a waterfall shower.

Speaker D
I could never understand people who spend lots of time and money on decorating their homes. They become slaves of their houses and see nothing but their plasma TV. My dream house would definitely be on wheels and have a steering wheel. Ultimately, it would be like one of those buses that bands live in while on the road. That way I could have a comfortable place to sleep; and yet I could change my backyard at will. And I can drive down to the corner bakery without leaving the house. Isn’t it convenient?

Speaker E
I’d like to have a teeny house that looks like a gingerbread house. I want it on a smallish lot with flowers and butterfly bushes and a fence around the little backyard, painted bright yellow with white on the front porch. It would also have a little cement patio out back. Inside, it would be as open as such a small house would be, with a half-wall between the kitchen and the living room, and a tiny hallway to the bedroom and the bathroom. The walls inside would be bright, with fun furniture and rugs everywhere.

Speaker F
I have never wanted to live in a crowded area so my dream house is kind of weird. I would live in a cave house inside a mountain. You could walk through, and the house would open up onto a balcony hanging there on the cliff of the mountain and you could see for miles. I would also like to have plenty of fruit trees and enough land for a vegetable garden and a separate flower garden, preferably roses. What will I have inside the house? All modern conveniences, a satellite TV and the Internet connection.

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